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I have a hand held water sprayer attached to the toilet and just rinse it off when he's done.
The Special Tomato Portable Potty Seat – Elongated is a revolutionary potty system that works in multiple settings.
The Portable Potty Seat includes a drawstring cord backpack to make this Portable Potty Seat truly portable!
This removable device sits on the rim of the toilet once the seat has been lifted, effectively turning the toilet into a urinal for young boys. Whether it’s the system that stays at home, the system that goes on vacation with you, the system that goes to relative’s homes, or the system that gets sent on school field trips, the easy to use features and the portability make it a great solution! All of these features make the application of the Soft-Touch material in the bathroom a natural fit.

The outside of the backpack has a large outside pocket to hold wipes or any other necessities. After use, The Splatter Shield can be easily sanitized with the use of a disposable wipe or mild soap and water solution. PLEASE NOTE: There is a vent hole in the back of the Portable Potty Seat to allow for air to exchange. This product also promotes better bathroom habits by making toddlers aware that the toilet seat should be in the upright position BEFORE use. I had originally purchased the peter potty but it was too much of a hassle emptying it out, especially when he got the hang of it. Rather, use warm water and a mild soap to wipe down the Portable Potty Seat to make keeping it clean a breeze.

He feels better about not making a mess and of course I love that I don't have to clean his floor several times a day.
One of the reasons that I went ahead and bought this potty shield was because it looks like an easy product to use to prevent a disaster in the bathroom. I have two boys, ages 10 and 7, it has absolutely spared us from having to repaint the wall and radiator situated near the toilet. He needed to urinate so bad he was about to go in the spot he was standing in so then he would run to the tolite and go all over his pants the rug and the walls.

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