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Social Stories can be created in many ways all you need is a little imagination and creativity.
We’re taking a look at different ways to get family members involved in the potty training process.
While working in a childcare center before I was even married, I worked with the 2 year old class which meant potty training. There are a few ways you can go about helping the child who does not mind the wet sensation.
Signing Time Academy Instructor Monica Blouin, of Lil Miracles Signing Academy, is mom to four year old Madie, a little girl with Down syndrome. While some children who have autism train around the same time as their peers, others may take longer to train or have behaviors specific to their autistic tendencies that will make potty training a little more of a challenge.
What follows is a list of common challenges children who have autism face when potty training, along with some possible solutions. Our fantastic Signing Time Academy instructors are using Potty Time right along with you and their clients!
Monica Blouin, a Signing Time Academy Instructor with her buisness, Lil Miracles Academy, and Potty Time enthusiast recently shared with us her very early and exciting success with Potty Time. Social stories are used to help children and young people with autism learn and approach skills and behaviours that they are or will struggle with. Students with autism may find school difficult to navigate, students with autism can quickly become distressed amidst the chaos of recess, or misunderstand the rules of the classroom. Therefore many teachers and teaching assistants use social stories for students with autism as a means of helping their student deal with school and classroom issues from lining up to hometime! As with any child there will be some mistakes, but for the child with autism learning how to use the toilet or potty can be confusing and stressful.
Hygiene is an essential life skill, and for typically maturing children and young people this is a naturally learnt skill. As we grow the importance of hygiene plays a big part in our lives, so what if you DO NOT understand the need for hygiene and struggle to learn these confusing but necessary skills? However when you have Autism the teenage years can be VERY STRESSFUL and confusing, with the onset of "Puberty" and all that entails to relationships, transitions and changing routines this time in a youngsters life CAN be DIFFICULT TO MASTER. A child with autism will have social skills deficits and display at times difficult behaviours, which at times can be HARD to deal with. Typically we learn "HOW TO" do things from people watching, our peers, parents, teachers, TV, books and so on, this is a natural process.

A child on the autism spectrum lacks the ability to naturally learn "HOW TO" and will need some guidance and support to learn skills and behaviours that we probably already take for granted.
Social skills for the vast majority of us come naturally, we watch our parents, peers and teachers and learn vital EVERY DAY SKILLS.
For the ASD child learning social skills is difficult and can be stressful, therefore social supports ARE generally needed. But for a child on the autism spectrum Halloween can cause distress, with costumes, chaos, candy and out of the ordinary behaviour! Valentine Day is a very special day for many young people, with messages of love, flowers, candy and couples expressing love for each other. However when you have autism this out of the ordinary behaviour can be confusing, and many young autistic individuals struggle to understand what is expected of them and what they should be expecting of others. Christmas is for the vast majority of children a very special time, full of wonder and excitement.
But for may individuals with autism sensory processing issues can be a REAL ISSUE Typically it CAN mean that some individuals with autism spectrum disorder WILL over react or under react to sensory stimuli. For the vast majority of us eating can be a pleasure, we enjoy NEW FOODS and going out to eat. But for a child with autism eating can become a routine and introducing NEW FOODS can become a nightmare for many families. Visual social story cards ARE small laminated cards approx 8cm x 11cm in sizeVisual social story cards break down the skill or situation into small sections. Visual social story cards folders ARE used to help teach social awareness skills to students with autism spectrum disorder.
Potty training my older daughter Rosie was such an intimidating task and one I had been dreading and avoiding. Language- Your child has to have the language needed to express that they need to use the bathroom. There were several other readiness signs listed as I was researching and preparing to begin potty training. In June of 2005 she was offer a temporary position helping with a special project and her responsibilities have grown and changed based on the needs of the company.
Here, Monica shares with us her journey of trials and triumphs as she and Madie work together to potty train. You think your child has this whole potty training thing worked out and then one day it is back to accidents or diapers.

As she says, potty training in her house “has not been great”, with two in diapers, and one of those children having special needs.
For the youngster with autism hygiene can be a confusing and stressful skill that does not necessarily come naturally! Social stories for teenagers with autism CAN HELP the teen with autism understand many of the issues they CAN face during the teenage years and HELP the teen with autism to master this difficult time. This confusing and stressful phase in life CAN really throw the Aspie teen and in some cases lead to depression.
Typically children with autism live in a rigid literal World so Christmas with it's fairy tales, tinsel, chaos, excitement, parties and festivities CAN cause a lot of distress. Living in a literal World where routine and sameness is key this unusual day can cause confusion. Pop up that popcorn, pull out the undies or training pants, grab Hopkins and get ready to celebrate! Some preferred to use Pull-Ups® or Easy-Ups®, some preferred us to leave their children in diapers and take them to the potty every half hour, and others preferred bringing several changes of clothes letting their children tell us when they needed to use the restroom. In this article we address some of the reasons behind potty training regression and give you some strategies for managing it. Therefore using supports such as social stories for Asperger Syndrome adolescents CAN HELP the Aspie teen navigate this DIFFICULT time in their life and SHOW them what is expected of them and what they can expect of others. These and other eating issues can be dealt with by USING SOCIAL STORIES for healthy eating habits and diet. For instance you could create an image in photo shop or other image software then print it out to make a book. You could also take your images and make a dvd witch could be used in the car or portable player. I also believed I knew exactly how I would potty train my own children when the time came. Boy was I wrong!

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