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Hi, I came across the picture of your cute dog and she is the closest one that I can find that looks just like mine, I don't know the breed of my dog because i just found her as a lost pup a few days ago and was hoping if you could look at a picture of my dog and tell me if you think they are the same breed?
As they get older and their hair gets longer, their ears tend to stay down more, all 3 Morkies from my litter have stay down ears now. Her mother is a Maltese and her dad a mini Yorkie.She is cream in colour and really small cute and cuddly.
I work at an emergency vet clinic and the mama dog's previous owner couldn't afford the cesarean section she needed, so she signed her over to me. Now that we are awake again, we would like to say Gizmo, obviously you are eggstremely smart, and so is your human, with the whole bell thing. Many of the Maltese mixes look very similar even though they are crossed with poodles, chihuahuas, Yorkies, etc.

He is very intelligent, I enrolled him in obedience school because he was so hard to potty train.
Also, you are so lucky to have a human who appreciates how awesome you are, and we would like to say Two Paws Up!
We didn't expect any of the puppies to make it, and couldn't pick up any heartbeats when we did the sonogram, so having our Maltese Yorkie mix puppy Dexter alive and healthy was a miracle!
She knows sit, down, stay and right now she is learning to ring a bell at the back door to go outside.
LoLLy is a rescue and we made a music video about the fact that while humans think they rescue us, really, we rescue them, when they let us! He is not a yappy dog, but does whine a little for my attention or when I have to leave him to go to work.

Our daughter owns an American Bulldog that is 90lbs at 9 months and he plays wonderfully with Gabrelle. Our Maltese Yorkie mix will go and bark to raise the kids out of bed.He is a very affectionate dog and is very happy to see who ever comes home and greets with lots and lots of kisses.

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