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Would you like to read another story?My puppy is smarter than I am and I don’t want to admit it.I slept in a dog kennel last nightHelp! If your puppy will not pee or poop outside and you know it has to go, put it in a kennel when you get back in the house, or keep it beside you and watch it like a hawk watches a mouse. The puppy would rather do its business inside a warm house than outside in the rain and cold. If you are not paying attention and the dog pees, it will be on linoleum and not on carpet.

So there were boards put up on all the doors going from the kitchen to the other rooms, (we had to step over the boards when we left the kitchen), if she peed on the linolium it could be cleaned up, on the hardwood it would leave a stain.
When you & Neal woke from your naps the dog would get so excited it would pee all over your cloths. Do not allow the dog to sit in front of the television watching sports or soap operas all day.
The two of you were potty trained but then our new puppy was far too excited when he saw you.

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