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Rhoden's Great Danes had an amazing litter born July Twenty Four, Two thousand ten, from some of the top bloodlines in the USA and Canada. A family friend of ours had a female dog, and then acquired a male dog who they only thought was spayed. Princess is actually the most reluctant to wake up out of all of my girls in the morning- she doesn’t want to get out of bed, and she doesn’t want my daughters to leave her to go to school. Once the girls leave for school, she’ll follow me around the house, but she gets excited around 1:30, when she knows that it’s time to go pick up the girls from school.

By day, she works on the corporate side of the beauty industry in NYC, working for one of the largest beauty trade shows in North America.
Since my three daughters played at their house, and loved the dog, my friend encouraged me to take her home.
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Madalena’s passion outside of work is fitness- she recently became licensed as a Zumba(R) instructor, and aims to compete in both a triathlon and half-marathon this year.

She’ll know when someone is sick or hurting, and she’ll lay on that body part, as if she can make it better.

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