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And a few months later, she began to go to the bathroom by herself when she felt the urge, and now she is in undies during the day and pull ups at night, which she has agreed to stop using on her 5th birthday. After many months of a friend going through this with her daughter, what finally worked is throwing the underpants away.
Him defecating in his underwear daily is just raising the stress level for you and the baby sitter. It's been a while since I was involved in anyone's diapers or training, but I think figuring out the timing of the poop should be the next step. Anyway, so our progression was pull-ups, more practice with just peeing, then once she was mostly on top of peeing she started wearing underwear during the day, with a pull-up offered for afternoon poop.
HOWEVER, his daycare teachers have been really great about it and they are not making him (or us) feel bad about it and I think your babysitter's reaction is, npi, kind of shitty. My son is pretty stubborn and I am loathe to fight him on this, so he is mostly in pull-ups even though I KNOW he can handle the underpants (without the issue of the pooping of course). I don't know what kind of personality your son has, but mine is, as I said, stubborn, and the more we push at him to do (or not do) something, the more he pushes back at us and continues the undesirable behavior. I even have a huge stuffed animal that I bought and put in plain view at the top of his closet and told him that once he poops in the potty, he can have him. Give him the toy now and say, "You're such a great kid and I want you to have this awesome toy NOW! FWIW I'm a mom of two (one potty trained, one in process) and have been a nanny and babysitter for many years and I most certainly would be disgusted and frustrated if a family insisted their non-toilet trained child wear underpants all day and expect me to clean poopy clothes several times a day. I'm also going to second that a sitter shouldn't be expected to clean habitually shit-in clothes. The pressure definitely comes from other moms, mostly, but also the fact that he will ne starting pre-k in the summer time. I can't tell you how many times I picked up my son at preschool to find he was running around the playground in poopy underwear. For my child when we went through extended potty training she had wet underpants almost every day if not multiple times a day at school up to at least age 3.5.
I think the expectation that he's out of pull-ups by pre-K is probably valid but I have a feeling that he'll get there by summertime. Weird suggestion: my son, when first potty trained, just didn't like the feel of going on the toilet. We used pull-ups as long as we could and made sure that we were super aware of when she looked like she was getting ready to go and had her rush to the toilet. So after 5 days of absolute refusal to poop in the potty, we followed him like a hawk and when he couldn't hold it anymore, we put him on the potty and he pooped in the potty. I could never figure out how to get a poopy pull up off my kid without it requiring a bath.
I think you should back off completely for a few months and go to pull-ups and then try again in a few months. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. We have the option of a Malone Procedure down the road.  But I need to put some real effort in Parker being able to poop in the potty before I go the surgery route. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a Potty Therapist that would come to your home and take care of this for you?  I imagine this sort of therapist would make a bajillion dollars by the end of their first week.
Special Needs Blogger, and homeschooling Mom, heavily involved in advocacy for all kids with special needs in Utah. With my Ashley (who is as you know deaf and blind), I had to check any semblance of my own privacy at the door and rely a lot of tactile instruction. What I learned from Miss 17, also with down syndrome, was that physical readiness will occur before developmental readiness.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I read a few books about infant potty training but we generally made up our own philosophy and plan. However, knowing the history of early potty training in other cultures (pretty much every other culture than Western) was fascinating and gave me the courage to do it with B.
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Everyone loves to hear about money saving deals.  Well, RNK Innovations is proud to announce the new pricing on the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Potty Chairs and Potty Seats. We did the first day naked with a 10 minute timer, the second day naked with a 15 minute timer, then added underwear the third day and pants the day after that, each day with the timer getting longer. Everything I read online describes parents who deal with toddlers who refuse to go at all in their undies or toilet, and they end up having to put a pull up on their kid to avoid screaming constipation.
Now, clearly there was some kind of identity, power struggle, who knows going on about poop in the potty.

Basically, there's two things that I think you need to do: try not to stress out so much and don't clean poop out of underpants. I feel like a total failure, irrationally, but rationally - 3.5 is still very normal to have potty issues, AND from my experience watching my friends potty train their sons, for some reason boys are just harder in this regard.
I would put him back in pull ups and I would stop talking about the bathroom stuff completely for awhile.
And hey, you can start pooping in the toilet whenever you're ready and for now, you can wear your pullups until then! We definitely had a weird power struggle starting to set in--kid realized that shitting his pants and then not telling anyone was a way to get us to stop everything and pay attention to him over his brother, and it became a habit--so a friend suggested getting really cool undies that might spawn some sense of kid-brand attachment. My son pooped once a day and it seemed like it was always the same time everday, between 4 and 5pm. I don't see any drawback to telling him that you are both working toward this goal of totally using the potty for pee and poop in order to go to Pre-k school. He would let us know when he needed to poop and we would put a diaper on him, he'd go, and we'd take it off. Poop was the final frontier, and he would do it in his underwear or the toilet with nor rhyme or reason.
She has some pretty serious issues with motor control and cognitive issues and this type of thing is not unheard of. If he finds passing a movement uncomfortable he will delay doing it, but then some of it can get out in spite of him. I seem to recall that by three and a half years bowel movements one or twice a day are much more common when things are working well. I think that taking a break is in order because it sounds like this is getting very tense for all involved.
They tried bribes and cajoling and reading a potty book incessantly, tried a little prune juice to fend of constipation, letting the kiddo watch TV on the can (useless), and talking about how the toilet wasn't scary, and offering pull-ups for #2.
I have no idea if this was a light bulb or he would've started doing it then anyways, but we explained that his superman underwear wouldn't want him pooping on them. If there is no health issue preventing him from training, it's something you just have to back off from. She was probably physically ready at 4 or 5 – meaning that I could habit train every 30 or 60 min.
B still wore diapers up until last week during the day (now she is potty trained and only wears diapers at naps and night time).
And although we waited until 2 years to officially potty train, every poop saved out of the diaper was a success in our book.
We would take a travel potty seat when we travelled because she would go on it and be much more comfortable than me holding her over the potty. You figure that people haven’t had convenient disposable diapers everywhere or for all of time, so it would behoove parents to train their kids earlier. After some initial dislike he doesn’t seem to mind as much now that it is more comfortable. We also used potty candy as a reward, and I couldn't believe the progress he made in a short amount of time. He isn't telling me yet that he has to go as often as he should, but I am taking him often. She reminds me that she has never had a kid who did this before, and leaves the underwear for me to clean everyday.
Did anyone else experience this, and if so, what made it "click" with your children? She tried having her daughter help clean the underpants but, you know, that was a trauma all around.
He so hated going back to diapers (for him pull up and diaper were the same) that he made an effort to get rid if them. I don't think he will go back to peeing into them, it seems for boys at least this is quite two different things.
And again after he came home from day care, I would again let him sit for however long it took.
My daughter only just got the hang of pooping in the potty, and she seemed to do it as a direct response to the arrival of her new baby sibling and also right after a growth spurt. Worked like a CHARM man, I had no idea I'd ever be grateful for branded anything--thank you, Cars franchise, for helping my son be sad about pooping his underwear and not being willing to try the toilet instead.
I don't want him to have any issues not being able to be put in his correct class because *I* haven't figured out what works best for him.
However, the most important thing is that you keep trying and that you always tell a teacher right away and that you help clean up the wet clothes and get new, dry clothes on every time. Keep giving him opportunities and talk about toileting in a matter of fact way and listen and you three (your husband too) will work it out. With my oldest, I was in a complete panic because we were switching his day care and they only accepted fully trained kids. Nana has a behavioral therapist and she uses picture cards (I can send you pictures of them and you can make something similar if you like).

Believe me, it is much easier to take a baby to the potty than it is to constantly clean a poopy cloth diaper! I work full time, sometimes 10 hours a day, and my husband workds full time and goes to school full time.
I understand that you have sunk in a lot of time with the boot camp, but why waste all this effort when you can just wait a few more months? Because we've been dealing with this for about a year and a half, with us adults being stubborn about it, and now he will. Instead of suggesting putting him back in pull ups and working that way, (like many of you are suggesting, which I'm coming to realize I need to just go with, THANK YOU!) she was just more negative about it than I understood. All of them are practicing right now just like you and learning how to use the potty for pee and poop. We tried everything, no rewards made a difference, nothing was working, and I was losing my mind with the frustration.
Finally, they tried one more bribe: the kiddo very rarely gets to watch TV and they said he could watch his very favorite TV program IF he pooped in the toilet. I was so anxious, and it was clearly making him more anxious too, which was entirely counterproductive. She was intellectually ready too because within a few days she showed some independence in asking or taking herself.
The frustration is that Nana has been 100% trained at school for over a YEAR- but she is so horrible about it at home.
And it wasn’t until the 1950s when disposables were introduced that the potty training age started to increase and increase to what it is today. Now, at 9 months, I would love to start trying again and I’ll definitely be using your tips! Thank you for supporting All Things Big and Small and the companies I choose to collaborate with! I am really scared about encopresis so I even told him that he could poop in a pull-up if he wanted - to just ask for one. You just need to keep trying and we will help you learn to do it!" I would continue to keep at it but in a very low key and positive way.
This sounds mean (and maybe it was), but we got fed up enough so one day we decided that we would take away a toy every time he pooped his pants. If we go without diapers, she’ll go in her pants, hide them somewhere (found a pair full of poop last PM on the back deck!), and change them herself for PJ pants.
Starting at three and a half months (within two weeks of putting her on the potty) B was reliably going on the potty. In addition to watching for her signs, every time she awoke from sleep or a nap, I would put her over the potty.
If you are interested in reading the books, I read Diaper Free Baby and Infant Potty Training.
For us, her awareness of what you do on the potty and her ease in potty training made it all worth it!
Sounds like that's not an option with your schedule, but maybe your babysitter could be more proactive in helping you more with this, i.e. I think we only had to do it like 3 times and it worked like magic, the kid stopped pooping his pants. Our success fluctuated as she went through stages, up until she was one she probably did 80% of her poops in the potty and would pee almost every time we placed her on it. Here, I share our experiences along the way and all my thoughts on topics big and small: motherhood and babies, decor and fashion, and how to achieve great style on a budget!
Around 14 months, when we officially sleep trained her and weaned her from breastfeeding, she elected to play in her crib a bit more and she would sometimes do a poop in her diaper then after she woke up from a nap. We purposely didn’t grab her the minute she woke up because we wanted her to be comfortable in her crib and at that junction, it was more important to sleep train than to potty train. Sorry if this is TMI but generally babies will go right when they wake up, after they eat, and later on before naps if they know that they are going to bed. She was actually doing better over the summer, but since school started for the year, she’s had a major setback again. By giving her these options to go to the bathroom, she almost always went and we had fewer dirty diapers.
For us, the whole point of early potty training was to take the stigma out of potty training and to minimize the poops in cloth diapers.
We use the Pampers Jammers, overnight pull ups for older kids, that I can only find at Target. B regularly does her business within seconds of sitting on the potty and won’t get off until she is finished.

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