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Once she was doing well going at those intervals, I gradually increased it to every few hours. At 12 months he was able to sit on the potty seat I used to have BUT with him being so little still, it didn't have a good splash guard.
To keep things as simple as possible, I generally have my (now 20 month old) sit on the potty while I'm getting ready for the day. Currently I take him to the potty during the times I would have normally changed his diaper, after a meal and after he wets himself (so he can begin associating wetting with going on the actual potty).
Once we're past the frequent daytime wetting in the underwear I commit to going exclusively to underwear during the daytime.
I know this might seem young by some people's standards, but actually, I'm later than other moms!
When she was staying dry between potty trips I decided she was ready to stop wearing diapers during the day.

It was then that he started wearing his Envibum (giveaway coming later this week!!) diaper as much as possible and I put underwear on him or the plastic pants when he was around the house. I know it can add a little stress to Momma's life because you will inevitably have more messes and more dirty laundry to take care of, but it won't last forever! Of course, you are not obligated to use these links when you make a purchase, but if you do, it helps to support this site as well as my family.
Then, I picked up a book from the library called Diaper Free Before Three and I found it to be very helpful and practical.
When my 2nd child came along I decided I would start potty training her earlier than I did my son. Sometimes he likes to exert his will and not want to sit down, but I just tell him he needs to sit down and go potty. Usually it's not a problem if I sit down with him and talk to him, read a book, or do a puzzle with him.

It was so cute because when he was done, he was getting just a little bit of toilet paper all by himself. Personally, I don't think it's going to hurt the process to do this and it will keep me from losing my mind so I do.
I would definitely recommend this potty seat! (Thank you if you decide to purchase yours from my link.
It also saves money on diapers or washing your cloth diapers since they are potty trained at an earlier age. Finally, they love that I am with them and quickly realize, "Hey, this is a part of my routine now.

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