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Does your child tell you through words, facial expressions or posture when he or she needs to go? We are a group of paediatricians and paediatric-related specialists in Malaysia who would like to create an online avenue for parents to ask questions about child health care.
Contact UstwitterfeedfacebookCopyrightThe articles on this website are owned by Doktorbudak. This Potty Patty Toilet Potty Seat fits most toilets and is easy to move because it is not attached to the toilet permanently. What is more important is to assess your child’s readiness before beginning the toilet training process.

Initiating toilet training too early can create stress for the child and the caregiver and ultimately prolong the toilet training process.
Both parents must,coordinate efforts with each other and with other caretakers to avoid confusing the child. It is made of durable recycled polypropylene and is designed not only for safety, but for comfort and fun.
At the very least, the toddler should be able to indicate wants and needs verbally, and should have the motor skills to sit on, and rise from, the potty chair. When you begin to potty train your child, non-punitive, reward-based techniques are more effective and that your recognition of your child’s willingness to participate and affection are the best rewards.

You need to understand that the process of learning self-management may not be a quick one, and that occasional relapses need not be seen as failures (on anybody’s part), but as a natural step toward success.

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