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Which is why I’m seriously shaking my head at this family that potty-trained their 6-month-old baby, according to The Huffington Post (via the Daily Express). Listening Mozart or adult talk — whatever the reason Izabella can go on the potty — it would not be something I’d be bragging about.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you're a regular here you'll know that we haven't had an easy time with H's toilet training. Once upon a time I would have told you that potty training a seven month old sounded insane. I won't bore you by detailing the entire week, but I will tell you this; after only a week of potty training we are using less nappies.
But I'm excited, the thought of having both A and H out of nappies before we have another baby is just fabulous.
Still in two minds, for the reasons we have spoken of, the fact that the kid just won't sit still, and as you say, for consistencies sake.
I have heard of a different style - elimination communication - but I hadn't heard of potty training at this age (with the exception of my one friend). You're perhaps the first person that HASN'T said to me "Girls are easier", thankyou!Hopefully you have more success with your son.
Sounds like you have a great perspective and attitude about everything -and that it is going well for you! You see, we figured that we'd been through this before, we were all cocky and confident that it'd be smooth sailing.
Now I feel the need to add here, we only put her on it as long as she was happy, and once she started to get upset we took her off. She's happy to sit on there and not needing to sit for long, sometimes peeing within seconds of sitting down and then grinning her goofy grin at us. We've been out and about a bit and I haven't taken the potty with us, so I'm worried that by having days where she hardly gets put on it at all she might get confused.

Since then, thousands of toddler moms have arrived at this page searching for the keywords potty-training a 21-month old.
So we ordered it online after my friend said that she found it on special (score!) only to be told that it was out of stock, unless we wanted a different colour. I mentioned it to one of her carers and I got that look as if to say "Ok, whatever you think, but I won't be wasting my time doing it when you're not here". Mainly cause I have never heard of potty training a bub so young and it just never crossed my mind. Knowing him and his own definition of the word, I'm sure there's a bit of mud-slinging going on, but watevs. What did I miss?" We put her on it before and after naps and before bed time but we only had one wee that first day. He did his business without a problem, he obviously didn't want to be shown up by his little sister!) That day, every time I sat A on the potty, she wee'd. Not only do I not mind changing her diapers, but sometimes I even look forward to it (there’s something kind of rewarding and cathartic about having her go from a heavy diaper to a fresh one). You might think I'm reading too much into it but there were several occasions when she climbed up my leg whinging and I couldn't figure out what was wrong, then after a few minutes she poo'd.
When she climbs up to stool in front of the sink, she must still hoist herself up, placing her whole torso on the rim of the sink to reach the faucets.
To keep her clean and dry in a public restroom, I will have to hold her up the whole time, which can be a strain.Hmm. I am not really liberated from anything, and in fact, I have to be even more attentive to her potty needs than before.So why did we do it? Had we started earlier I think it would have been more effective (although a lot of work up front admittedly).
I believe she really was intrinsically motivated and that we were just reminding her that she can pee in the potty and hold it when she’s not in the bathroom.Girls versus boys?
I am lucky to be conducting all sorts of social science experiments in my house by having one child of each gender.

We started with naked all the time, taking him to the potty everytime he peed on the floor.
A couple of hours ago he woke up from his sleep and insisted I take his pull off so he could pee. Two days after we did that, she started to make connections with going pee and having a wet diaper. She has days where she pees on the potty all day and days where she just isn’t in the mood. She knows when she is pooping, she will tell me after she does it and sometime when she is about to. I plan on just not worrying about it and try to lead by example like I have done with peeing on the toilet. Now she is running out of room on her step stool ?? I am working on make sure she gets plenty of fiber cause right now she is getting too much starchy stuff cause I let her eat it if she wants it cause she needs to gain weight.
I have just started training my 21month old coz she asked to sit on the potty and tells me just when shes about to poop. Also, when we started, she went on the potty almost all the time (pee) but after 4 days, its been going downhill. The only problem is she only says wee wee when she is actually doing it so if we don’t catch her in time it ends up on the floor or in her knickers. I know that every child develops at their own pace, but I still worry that maybe it’s too early.
In the beginning she thought it was fun to sit on the potty, now I can’t seem to get her to stay put long enough to pee. I stopped and tried again and year later and it took just a week to train her and she was fully trained by day 10.

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