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DISABILITY A-Z Disability From ABI to vision impairment, our Disability Reference has reliable information on conditions and professionals. A new toilet-training device developed by researchers at the University of Rochester combines a wearable sensor pad, Bluetooth technology, an iOS device and accompanying app to help toilet train intellectually disabled children.
Similar to the Huggies TweetPee concept, the device features a disposable sensor resembling a panty liner that fits into the child's underwear, and a Bluetooth transmitter that snugly snaps onto the sensor. If the child does do the deed, they get a reward through a personalized picture-based reward menu on the iOS device (in addition to effusive praise).
According to the Rochester University researchers who developed the Quick Trainer, children who've been wearing disposable underwear for years were toilet trained in 45 days or less using the device.
Most parents and teachers tackle the problem by scheduling trips to the toilet, rewarding kids when they do go potty but they are stopgap solutions at best.
Mruzek, along with bioengineer Stephen McAleavey, set out to create a wireless wearable sensor system to tackle the problem. McAleavey states that the device can operate at a range of 150 ft (45 m) outdoors and at least 30 ft (9 m) indoors, through walls and doors. After larger clinical trials, the team plans to develop the technology further to assist individuals with other types of disabilities as well as the elderly receiving care to help them become as independent as possible. When my kids were younger I would go to the bookstore on Sundays, because even though my kids are *neurotypical they are still kids, and all parents have this, the wanting, the needing the asking the quarreling even the laugher at times can wear on you. She stormed away from him, the father going to his child, the crowd dispersing and I confronted her, in the way that someone does when they are upset but they have no idea how upset until they try to articulate it.
Found this through tags, and I know it’s a bit too late but I have to say something because I am too angry to think about anything else until I rant about it. They killed him so violently that it’s impossible to say that there was no anger and resentment.
Some of the comments here are even more disgusting than your assumption that killing your own children can be justified. I like all the people here trying to explain a crazy person’s irrational behavior with logic.

I have high functioning Autism, I have friends all over the spectrum, I have gone to camp with these kids and I have always been willing to be there to ground these kids in reality when their grip on the world is falling away, I have been smacked, screamed at, and clawed by children who can not take the overstimulation any more, I have made excuses for numerous children to confused or even angry onlookers, I have glared back at those who look at my friends like they belong in an institution, and I have drawn them out of the meltdowns that steal them from our grasp, but never once have I gotten angry at them, never once have I felt so sorry for them or myself that I have thought of ending it. And if anyone thinks that they would have done the same thing, just look into the eyes of an autistic child who is being yanked away from reality by forces beyond their control, look at the father with his neurotypical children who is sneering ar the child rocking in the corner, look at the child who has no one to keep them safe and to fight for them but you, now tell me, would you give anything less than your full effort to protect them? I have not had any experience with autistic children (except for my 2nd cousin and that was on a very brief basis). I give any parent of an autistic child mucho credit and should be considered a hero because I could NEVER do it.
Disclaimer* I know not all autistic children are hard to raise and I know most parents wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I read an article about judging, how we are afraid to form opinions about things because we will appear judgmental. It is sad that there is no cure for autism but hopefully there will be soon, or at least a way to correct it before it happens (something health related a women could do prior to conceiving a child, that would prevent the child from having this condition). Rather than just providing entertainment like the iPotty, the Quick Trainer issues an alert the moment the child starts to pee, so adults can take them to the toilet and encourage them to use it. The sensor pad is made of soft fabric that is embedded with conductive thread that forms a circuit when exposed to moisture, while the Bluetooth module is battery powered and reusable. These rewards can include the playing of a favorite video, YouTube clip, game, song or even the option to choose a picture of a snack they'd like to receive. That's good news for parents of children with intellectual disabilities, autism and Down Syndrome for whom the toilet training process can be a nightmare. It can also monitor several children at once and records the date and time of the accident for follow-up analysis, with parents able to send the data to a clinician via email. An 11 year-old female child with severe intellectual disability began using the toilet without accidents after 40 days and a 15 year old boy with the same condition needed only 26 days. According to the team, even children showing no outward signs of wanting to potty begin to develop clear signals such as rocking, pacing, vocalizing and grabbing the iOS device when they need to go.
Initially funded through the crowd funding site, Innovocracy, the project is currently being supported by the Autism Treatment Network. I have been sitting in my dark house, drinking coffee, reading about Alex Spourdalakis, a 14-year-old boy who was murdered by his own mother on June 11. I would go to the bookstore and buy magazines or a book, a fancy coffee and just sit for an hour or so, my time. A close family friend has a child with severe autism and he’ll be a teenager next year. This enabling attitude guarantees there will be a lot more kids like Alex, viciously murdered by their own family members. I am the mother of a child with Autism and I find this entire article and what few comments I could bear to read completely disgusting! My own problems are hard enough to deal with, but to have to struggle with an autistic child for years on end, and to have him abused at the hands of the very people who were supposed to help him? I can understand how hard it is to be a parent to a child with autism ,I know the struggles the heart ach and the psychical fight . Just like it wouldn’t be justified if a parent murdered a child who was gay, or transgender, or had downs syndrome, or ADHD. It’s horrible to have a child that is inconsolable, violent, destructive, hurtful and unable to be taught appropriate behavior.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If all goes well, they are rewarded with treats to encourage them to head to the toilet the next time the need arises. So when the child has an accident, a circuit is formed and the Bluetooth module sends a message to the parent's iOS device which sounds an alert and records the incident in a log. Then there's getting them to sit on the potty and encouraging them to go if they still need to.
If the child has already done their business before making it to the toilet, they are thanked and reminded they'll get a reward next time and the sensor pad is removed and replaced with a fresh one. A watchful eye doesn't help either since these kids often don't do a potty dance or display any outward signs when they need to go. Additionally, they can manually log and email their child's successful trips to the bathroom. Both had histories of repeated, unsuccessful training attempts and were using disposable pull-ups before using the Quick Trainer.

Parents can use these behaviors to initiate potty trips, gradually reducing their child's dependence on the device until they don't need it any longer. I told her the young boy couldn’t help it and she had no right to treat the father and son that way. They should have asked relatives to take care of Alex for a few days while they had a break. And in my opinion, they have lost all right to mourn his loss when it was needed and their fault.
What in the hell is wrong with people thinking their is justification for killing a child because they have a dissability???
Going through the things I go through with my bipolar daughter is like hell, but I must admit, what parents of autistic children go through tops even what I have been through with my bipolar daughter. Fear of potty accidents is a quality-of-life issue for both parents and children that severely affects all their daily activities. Then I stormed off to my car and unlocked the door and sat with my head on the steering wheel and cried for about 15 minutes before I finally went home and broke down again in front of my husband.
And we need for parents of disabled children young and grown to seek out help without shame or fear. These women, who were supposed to love him unconditionally, and take care of him, KILLED him. I am a person, and I should not be murdered just because my brain processes information differently. To the parents who have autistic children who are smashing things, hitting, being verbally abusive…check your parenting! Is there any fathomable reason you could come up with that would justify to you, a sane person, that murdering your child and the family pet would be a good thing?
But for the ones who are, they make their families lives miserable and there aren’t enough resources in the world to help them.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. According to the Chicago Tribune, Dorothy Spourdalakis stabbed him four times in the chest with a kitchen knife, including twice in the heart, and then slit his wrist, almost severing his hand.
One day when I was leaving I heard a scream, a horrifying scream, the scream all parents recognize as that of a child.
I should have done more, in hindsight I should have went to the father and offered to help or called the corporate office of the bookstore or told that crowd of gawkers to move the hell away but I didn’t. We deserve the same rights as everybody else, including the right to justice and outrage when we are murdered. I truly think there are many children with autism who need to be institutionalized rather than being at home with their families. I saw a crowd had gathered in the children’s section around a young boy who was flailing on the ground, crying, his arms and legs lashing out, the bookstore manager raising her voice at at a father. We have to have more patience with him and we definitely devote more time to him than my other to children and he is a perfect angel!
Or that it could never happen to us because those women were somehow seeded with evil and you’re not evil, right? A long time ago, I would have cursed someone to say such a thing as I am saying now, but I can really sympathize of what it must be like on a daily basis for a parent or a sibling of an autistic child. It’s people like you, and attitudes like this that lead to people murdering their own children. I am an autistic adult and I have gotten violent before, but my parents listened to me, and got me out of the situation.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so if your autistic child or any child is misbehaving then fix your parenting.
How torturous for the parents and siblings and most of all, the child suffering from autism.
To judge means to form an opinion, and I will happily form an opinion because it is wrong to kill your child.
I know for a fact as a parent, I would not have been a good mother to an autistic child and that is VERY hard to admit, but I have to be honest.

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