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How on EARTH can he stand listening to the same story, told in the same voice, by the same person every single night?! Consistency, routine and predictability is your best friend when it comes to potty training. The art of potty training is breaking it down into simple steps and repeating them over and over – and over again. After a few minutes (or seconds, depending on his mood) let him get down, even if the potty is empty.
Once he voluntarily sits still and learns to recognize the urge “to go,” we scale it back and only give stickers for something IN the potty. Our potty training process is not a “boot camp,” and I do not expect to see success within the first days. March 19, 2014 by tipsfromamom 2 Comments I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. Potty Training a Boy can be pretty tricky, I shared a lot of ideas in Part One of this 3 part series. In the first post on how to potty train a boy I said that we use a small treat every time he used the potty. If you don’t like using treats as rewards, you really should check out the Big Kid App from Pull-Ups. If you don’t want to use the app, you can do many fun activities on your computer at the Pull-Ups Web Site. We are going to work on our night time potty training from now until the 3rd potty training post and I’ll let you know how we succeeded! He didn't want anything to do with potty training, then I went to a store and saw this urinal thing for boys so I bought it. Since then I've had another boy he's 30 months old and i bought him a potty chair because I couldn't find the Peter Potty anywhere and didn't remember the name of it.
So I got a potty seat and he hates it, he loves the big potty but, he plays like its just fun for him, when I can tell he has to go poopy I run him to the toilet and he'll go poop.
Thank you Potty Concepts for a speedy delivery service and excellent customer care. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You may have heard that potty training boys is so much more difficult that potty training girls. Baby or infant potty training can be very effective and many parents have their baby potty trained before they are a year old. Model potty training is the idea of using a model of some sort to teach your child how to potty train. Many times when children are potty training things happen that cause them to regress slightly, and sometimes regress completely.
If you are a single mom and you have a boy, you may be concerned about being able to potty train your son.
With the economy getting worse, and budgets getting tighter – should you spend alot of money on a themed potty chair?
The little one toddles over to the bookcase and grabs his book de jour, although with toddlers it’s more like book of the month.

You need these secrets The “secret” to potty training a toddler is to teach them a new routine. It helps your toddler to know what to expect, and it helps YOU (and his caregiver) to stay focused on the task at hand. It is hard to teach your child new skills when you aren’t with them during the day time hours.
Think about reading “Dora Goes to the Dentist” for the 27th time… THAT is what potty training is like! When you first brought home your newborn from the hospital, he nursed around the clock, and you worried that you would NEVER ever make it out of the house again, right? It is perfectly OK (and actually recommended) to put things on hold for a period of time before it becomes a power struggle.
I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
It has a checklist for getting ready for bed and a little game they play at bed time to collect stars.
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He was potty trained in less then a week, with no wetting the bed, or accidents I was so proud of him!!! This is not necessarily true and the biggest difference is that boys stand to pee and sit to poop. This can be a great advantage to many parents that need to go back to work after having a child, since it will cut back on the day care expense and the expense of buying diapers and baby wipes all the time. This is normal, since they cannot necessarily reach and they do not have the motor skills yet to be able to wipe themselves.
Many children will choose to hold their pee or poo, never say anything when they have to go or have gone and completely resist using the potty chair. Modeling behavior is commonly used in school for instance, when teachers show an example of the behavior they want the children in the classroom to replicate. This can be a very scary experience for a girl and there can different reasons as to why she will not go poop on the potty, but will pee. The good news is that you can still potty train your son and have him potty trained in the same amount of time as any other child. Do what your budget allows you to, but keep in mind that a potty chair is going to be a short term solution to potty training. Never mind the fact that once you read a book you give it away to a friend, so his continued infatuation with “Dora Goes to the Dentist” is lost on you. There is a sequence of events that takes place, and they are always in the same order with the same results (or close to it).
Our approach allows your child’s caregiver to easily continue the routine you have established. We decided that once he was really good at using the potty every time, we would go to the store and purchase a small toy that he had been wanting for a long time.
You will need to check your child, as well as possibly continue to help them wipe too up until they are 5 to 6 years of age.

Consistency will be a huge factor in how quickly your child picks up on potty training and the entire experience that you and your child have when they are learning. Essentially it is teaching a child by first starting with having them mimic the behavior they are seeing. Although it can make it easier to have a man show your son at times how to use the potty, you can still show him how to use the potty too. You and the caregiver work together as a team, sending the same message to your child and THAT is powerful – and very effective. I love the fact that he doesn’t have on a big bulky diaper, and that he can pull them down all by himself when he needs to use the bathroom. We made sure to help him understand that once he got this awesome toy, he would not be getting little treats any more.
However, you do not want to continue to buy diapers forever and have the potty chair you bought continue to go on unused.
This can be a very good technique to use when potty training, especially with children that are a little over a year old that are beginning to learn. Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise. He didn’t feel like I was putting a diaper back on him (which he would have hated) and he could quickly pull them down when he made it to the toilet on time. Using a role model to teach potty training can be very effective, since they can visually see what is suppose to happen and then they need to do that themselves. If he had an accident, I could lay him down and undo the easy undo sides and it wasn’t a big mess!
A wonderful investment GET ONE (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Nanny My order of two of these for my grandson arrived this week. They are too busy and don’t want to bother with the time it takes to sit on the potty. He only asked me a few times if he got a treat, and after I reminded him of his awesome toy, he was just fine not having a treat. The second one was to be sent to his mothers for night use, but came with a defective piece, which I am sure will be replaced.
If you read Part One of these potty training posts, you can ask yourself the questions listed there to help you figure out if you and your child are ready for potty training. I printed out one of their free potty charts and with this item had this child trained in one day. The invention is a super idea and I was only to pleased to receive it in good time as I know this will benefit both our little boy and us with good night sleeps as well.

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