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No-one ever said that house training dogs or puppies was going to be a walk in the park, but if you follow the steps explained below your puppy will be dry in no time at all!
I hope you've found this article on how to potty train your puppy useful and that it's worked for you.If you've not yet crate trained your puppy, I highly recommend it and if you'd like to learn more about it and how to crate train your little man, just follow this link. If you enjoyed this page, please click on the 'Like' button below and tell your friends about us.

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The Spaniel Buzz!Sign up to our quarterly e-zine for new articles, top tips, competitions and lots more. Don't use an ammonia-based cleaning product as the smell could encourage your puppy to pee.

Take him outside every 15 minutes until he performs!Continue getting up early and taking him out on his leash - he'll eventually crack, I promise you!No-one said toilet training dogs was going to be a walk in the park!

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