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Certain simple observations and techniques will make sure that your child is ready for toilet training and does not start constipating while he gets potty trained. The first ever thing that you need to asses while toilet training your child is to make sure that he is ready for the process. He will be totally confused and scared and will not be able to follow your strict instructions to pass his stools. Once your child shows the maturity to be toilet trained, you can introduce him to the potty.
Slowly, you can leave him on the potty after observing a certain time when he always passes stools. Do not force him during the time of toilet training as he will hold back which will again create constipation. With his first successful attempt in passing stools in the potty, you must shower him with praises.
Do not at any time admonish him if he fails to pass stools in the potty or has passed stools before he could reach the potty.
As your child is slowly making the transition, make it a pleasant endeavour for him so that he gets adjusted fast and does not harbour any fear or misconceptions about toilet training.
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However, toilet training a child is definitely not an easy task as most mothers would certify. The child starts getting reluctant to pass stools each passing day and this can lead to constipation which is even more difficult to deal with.

Following these things will make sure that he goes through a smooth transition without much problems for him as well as his mother.
Many mothers make the mistake of starting toilet training for their kids just because they have crossed a certain age. This will lead to constipation in the kids and fear of passing stools partly due to the new process and partly due to the pain associated with constipation. If he doesn’t want to use the potty, give him the choice to pass stools in his diaper as he has always been doing. A glass of warm water before toilet training can sometimes help in softening the stools and provide relief for the child.
This will make him understand that he has done something that you completely approve of and remove any fears he may have about toilet training. Many mothers are also confused about when is the right time when a child can be toilet trained. There are a number of colourful and interesting varieties out there and kids just love to jump on to them for passing stools.
This will ensure that his bowel movement is smooth and he does not feel any pain, causing him to shy away from toilet training. A child who is prone to constipation must not be forced into potty training as he will have the double trauma of having to deal with constipation as well as the new regime of potty training. Tell him that it is designed for the purpose and mummy will not be annoyed at him for soiling it.
The idea is to slowly lead him to the new routine so that he does not feel that it is new anymore.

Allow him to drink fruit juices and water in plenty and let his system come back to normalcy before you can introduce the idea of toilet training to him. Praising him will encourage him and he would want to use the potty more often to get more praises from you.
Once he starts feeling good about the whole process, he will start passing stools on his own without you having to tell him all the time. At any point of time if you feel he is holding back due to fear or constipation, allow him to use a diaper and wait patiently for the next session. This will help him release the stools instead of holding on to it and creating constipation. If your child is prone to constipation, it is better to avoid foods that can cause constipation.
It is a good idea to observe at what times he is prone to pass stools and put him in the potty at those times. Cow’s milk, sweets and bananas can cause constipation and hence must be avoided completely to ease his bowel movement.

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