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When you are potty training your daughter, it’s best for both of you to put her in dresses to make the process easier. If you’re a mom and you’re potty training your little girl, it can be helpful in the process to let her watch you go to the potty. Potty training can be made much more fun and enjoyable by allowing her to choose a special potty chair.
When your daughter is ready to get completely out of diapers and into “big-girl” underwear, let her pick them out herself. A dress is easier to lift up before sitting down on the potty instead of having to worry about buttons and zippers on pants.

If this is the first time you are potty training a girl, there are lots of tips available, covering everything from the basics of potty training to some of the more advanced techniques like using an eye mask to help with relaxation and flow. When she’s focused on getting to the potty like you told her, she can become frustrated if there’s something in her way.
There are lots of websites that offer potty training charts- in whatever special character or design your daughter would like. Let her know that she should wipe her urine (or “pee-pee”) first and then get a new piece of toilet paper for her feces (“poo-poo”). Allow her to practice sitting on it for a week or so with her clothes on so she can get used to it.

Tell her that big girls like mommy or even another female family member wear some just like it and you should never go pee-pee in them, but pull them down to pee-pee in the potty.
Get some stickers or markers to make note of the times she went potty on her own without being told, and she will start to want to do it more.

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