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Part of training a puppy is potty training to make them a canine good citizen.  A method to potty train your Boston Terrier is by using a bell. Teaching your puppy to use a bell to tell you when it needs to eliminate will be extremely beneficial because it gives experience training your dog and saves lots of time, energy and stress compared to other forms of housebreaking. Every time you take your puppy out, make him ring the bells and tell him to ring the bells to go outside and potty. You will be surprised when a few days later, you will hear the bells and your puppy sitting patiently by the door. I have never used this method before, but if you have, please take the time to write your comments below on your successes and failures with this method. De hondenpage is de Grootste Nederlandstalige site over honden met meer dan 25.000 bezoekers per dag ! Over 50,000 dogs have been successfully potty-trained by the innovative Potty Training Puppy Apartment. In this special section of our site we feature reviews and testimonials from PTPA customers. Koda is our newest addition to our furry family, and is an adorable little Chocolate Sable Pomeranian puppy. We wanted to train him to go potty outside with his big sister Moxie, but also wanted an alternative for him to use in the house at night while we're sleeping. We're so grateful to have such a great learning tool to use, while we're training our little guy. I moved to a new home 2 months ago and was apprehensive about letting her run free, especially in new surroundings. I heartedly recommend the Puppy Apartment to everyone who is looking for an easy, practical housebreaking experience with their puppy!! These past few months have probably been the most challenging and unsettling of my entire life. He told me he wanted to take me out to dinner while he was on leave helping me adjust and instead took me to the airport and surprised me with Fraulien Hope!
A few days after her arrival, my son left for Camp Lejeune and here I was trying to deal with my severe sadness and a brand new bouncing CHILD in my house!
I ordered the XLarge Puppy Apartment and even though my finances were limited I went ahead and decided to purchase the PTPA Playpen as well.
In closing, it is stated in the Instructional Training DVD that comes with the Puppy Apartment, that the PTPA Potty Pads are designed to be the absolute best on the market for odor control and their ability to absorb. A week before my boyfriend and I were going to pick up our newest addition to the family, we did some research on trying to find the best crates available - man, did we hit the jackpot! Now at 4 months old, Bella has made it to the final training stage where she is able to roam free around the house. I just picked up my new puppy yesterday, Cooper; he is 8 weeks old and is having huge success with his new apartment.
I also have a one-year-old female of the same breed (Maltese mix) and it is all too familiar getting up in the middle of the night to take her out. I have a PTPA for our Toy Schnauzer, Lexy, and now a XXLarge PTPA for our Giant Schnauzer puppy, Zoey. We ordered the Puppy Apartment for Lil Bit, hoping for an easy way to train a miniature dachshund that was 8 months old.
I work for a Trade Showroom in Dallas, and everyone here is an animal lover through and through. I always wanted a dog, specifically a Westie, but was unsure if I would have the confidence, patience, or time necessary for house training a puppy with my busy work schedule. When I received the PTPA, I watched the entire Instructional DVD (A MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUP), and was flooded with all the confidence I needed.
Upon searching the internet, we decided to go with the Puppy Apartment because I found no other concept that made sense. On Poppy’s first night with us we placed her Puppy Apartment on a table, in our bedroom, next to the bed so she could see us. Before the PTPA, potty training was a hit or miss with our 10 week old Italian Greyhound, Rooney. Since using the PTPA, we have seen a dramatic increase in potty training progress and have noticed that our little guy enjoys his new-found privacy as well. We didn't know if we could have a dog in our apartment building, we live on the 8th floor, but she was so cute! With the Puppy Apartment we didn't have to worry, we absolutely love it and so does Domino! I am a totally satisfied customer and would highly recommend this for anyone considering a new puppy.
Perfect and Practical, Modern Puppies PTPA is just right for our precious new Morkie – Moxie.
We purchased the Puppy Apartment hoping it would be helpful to train our new Yorkie, Cocoa in the midst of winter. I think the Puppy Apartment is very convenient, especially if your puppy is too young to be brought outside during the Winter Season or rainy days.
Thank you to Modern Puppies for the good quality of your products and great customer service. This form of housebreaking was derived from a man named Ivan Pavlov when he was able to classically condition his dog to salivate every time he rang a bell. Show him the bells every time he goes out the door and make sure they are rung even if you are doing the ringing. Get that camera outta my face!!Breed OverviewThe Boston breed goes back to the 1800's when some coachmen, employed by the wealthy people of Boston began to interbreed some of their employera€™s dogs.
They still continue to use their PTPA as an indoor doggie bathroom after they have been potty-trained. As you know, puppies go potty every 1-2 hours when they're small, and 15 minutes after they eat or drink - so it's hard for them to hold it throughout the night while we're sleeping and sleep deprivation is challenging for a human when you have to work the next day! My precious tiny Yorkie, Gabby, was 12 weeks old when she was introduced to her Puppy Apartment. I showed her where I placed her Puppy Apartment in my new home to remind her of where to go potty and since then, she has used her Puppy Apartment 100% of the time! I lost my dear husband and best friend to an onset of sudden liver cancer and my world was shattered. I was shocked but how do you look into the eyes of a pup as beautiful as she and think about anything but how she melts your heart? We took her to the vet the next morning and he informed us that due to her being very prone to Parvo, it would be best for her not to be around other dogs or even outside unsupervised for 3 months. I had lost my husband and any sense of normalcy in my life due to this beautiful little WILD gift! I total agree these pads are awesome, but because I live on the east coast, the S&H was a little high so after using up those that came with my order, I went out and purchased some from our local Pet Store. 20 seconds into the demo video on the Modern Puppies website, I knew that this was the right product for Bella and us. She was the sweetest thing ever (and still is!), but I was very apprehensive about house breaking her because Yorkies are notorious for being challenging to potty train. I am an extremely critical consumer that does her homework before buying anything online and I wouldn't take the time to write this testimonial if I didn't think the product was worth purchasing. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the perfect solution to potty training. We watched the instructional DVD that comes with the Puppy Apartment and I have to say that watching the DVD made me feel 100% confident that I could potty train our little girl.
She plays all day long, but when she has the urge to potty she runs as fast as she can all the way to the laundry room to potty in her PTPA.

So much so, our owners have three Westies and one Norwich Terrier that do their jobs roaming our floors, greeting guests and putting smiles on faces.
One day out of curiosity, I did a quick search for West Highland Terrier breeders in my area, and “conveniently” the one closest to me just had a fresh batch of puppies.
I picked up Oliver, brought him home and without even showing him around his new Puppy Apartment, he instantly went into his bedroom, plopped down and had himself a little snooze-fest. He was eight weeks old when we picked him up and we wanted to make sure we started potty training him immediately! While we were waiting for his Puppy Apartment, we tried several different potty techniques but to no avail, we had so many accidents. I have attached some pictures of our little fur baby so you can see how small she really is. We were recommended by a family member to look into the PTPA as a solution to our training woes.
We placed the PTPA in the living room where it could be easily accessed by Rooney and closely monitored (and therefore rewarded) by us. Chikis is on level 2 in a Small PTPA while Bossy is on level 1 in a Medium PTPA due to the adult size to come in the near future. The PTPA serves as a tool to enhance Nami’s potty training and eliminates urine smell around the house. When I brought the pup home at 6 weeks old the first night was a little challenging but by the 3rd night Coco was getting the swing of things. I can now relax in the other room knowing that when Coco has to use the bathroom she knows she has a place to go and I have peace of mind. The medium is upstairs, for sleeping and the small will be used on the main level completely for going potty.
Due to our not being able to have children, dogs have always had a place in our home and hearts.
Little did we know that my husband would break his wrist within the first week of having a new puppy in the house. I picked up my 2 month old Yorkie “Snuggles” yesterday and immediately introduced him to his Puppy Apartment. Chihuahuas are known to be very difficult to potty train, which gave me a great opportunity to potty train Selina indoors at the early stages of her life. Using a hook or tack, hang them on the door jam closest to the opening side and low enough for your puppy to reach with their paw and their nose. If your puppy touches the bell, even if it doesn’t ring at first, immediately give the puppy a tasty treat. We got him used to sleeping in his little one bedroom, one bathroom puppy apartment, and we used the PTPA at night while we're sleeping as a training tool - - and he loves his puppy apartment.
The first night she was in her little bedroom, she went potty on the potty pad and then went to sleep.
My son being active duty in the US Marine Corps was very concerned for me and had read about pet-therapy. And also this breed is very sociable as I have been learning and does best with their pack leader.
All I did was chase this pup around and one time I fell face-first while trying to step over the puppy gate I used to keep her in my bedroom while trying to cook and ended up with a severely bruised face and a lot of pain. While on YouTube trying to learn anything I could about housebreaking a pup - I happened upon the Puppy Apartment.
She LOVES her Puppy Apartment, but also the ability to come out and play in her own personal playpen, which is like a mini-yard! I even went outside of the website to research additional testimonials and the reviews were great. It's a nice feeling when you're able to have confidence in your dog and have a mutual understanding. So do yourself (and your dog) a huge favor and try out the PTPA for yourself to see how you like it.
What's also great about the PTPA is that if there is a rain storm outside, they don't have to hold it until the storm passes. I had the privilege to doggie sit these four little rascals twice when my bosses left for Christmas Vacation. I called her and before letting all objections cloud my decision-making processes, I gave a deposit. We love her size, but her size makes it very difficult for her to go outside to go potty in the winter.
When we arrive home we leave her Bedroom door open and she uses the Bathroom at her leisure. The initial purchase of the PTPA, bed, and potty pads seemed daunting at first, but the investment has proven to be worth the price. Only a couple weeks after setting up the PTPA and we can safely leave for work and know that our home will be safe from accidents and Rooney will have his own place to relax. We decided to purchase the XLarge Puppy Apartment for Domino who is blue heeler, which is also known as an Australian Cattle Dog. Now we don't need an eight flight down voyage for her potty walks and we love letting her drink water whenever she's thirsty. I must say I was totally surprised considering I watched the YouTube videos and thought maybe they were staged, but to my surprise my very own puppy was using the Puppy Apartment just like the videos. It took us about 2 weeks to have Rocky trained in the Puppy Apartment without having any accidents in the house. Thanks to our new PTPA (mobile mansion) he did not have to take our little puppy girl outside during the night (I have the day shift).
So in a last attempt, I went online and came across the YouTube video of the PTPA and I figured with the 30-day trial offer it was worth a shot. We followed the Instructional DVD as close as Ally would let us and one month later she is like a brand new puppy!
Just 2 weeks ago, because of her great success, we purchased the PTPA Playpen in addition to her PTPA. He goes potty in the bathroom section throughout the night and when we wake up in the morning, we take him outside, and he goes potty on command in our yard! He was devastated about the loss of his father and now he had his mom & sister at home alone with him about to be deployed. And the way they have designed the playpen, you can configure it into either a small area or very large area.
As an added bonus, the PTPA kept us from having to go outside - we purchased Bella in the dead middle of winter where it would have been a huge fuss to take her out in the cold multiple times where she'd surely freeze. When my boyfriend and I leave the house for a quick workout at the gym, we don't have to lock Bella up; we come back to a clean house where all her business is done in her PTPA.
We used the advice of the Instructional DVD and to our amazement she took to her Puppy Apartment instantly. After realizing what I had just done, I scrambled to dig up every piece of information I could on potty training.
We are so grateful to the makers of the PTPA as we have every confidence that Yuri will grow to love it as much as we have!! The PTPA potty pad really did seem to attract Rooney to use it as his personal bathroom and the bed was more than comfy enough for his afternoon naps. I highly recommend the PTPA for all dog masters (not just owners) looking to potty train their dogs quickly. As the second night came, it was amazing how quick the transformation was and she stopped crying.
This product really is a blessing and when you follow the directions and have patience it really works!!

It has been 3 weeks and there are no more pee pee accidents at all from Hamlet and he has mastered the pooping too.
Being without a puppy in some time, we decided after many “pros and cons” consideration to have ONE more “puppy” year. Moxie is so cozy in her PTPA that we are hoping the people at Modern Puppies will consider branching out and making the human version – that’s how wonderful your invention is!!
At 8 weeks old, on December 24th, we brought Cocoa home as a Christmas gift for our children and we introduced him to the Puppy Apartment. The PTPA Potty Pads are like none that I've seen available in stores, made of good quality and very absorbent.
We had several things working against us: because of the holiday season my fiance and I were working a lot and didn't have enough time to devote to potty training, she is a small dog and has to go about every 2 to 3 hours, and she was a little older when we got her. She automatically knew not to go in her bed and with no accidents we quickly went to Level 2 training and pinned her in the living room where we could keep a close eye on her.
Finally, open the door with the puppy watching, and drop tasty treats on the floor on the other side of the door, so your puppy knows the treats are there.
During the day, we leave him in his PTPA Playpen area with his PTPA and he uses the bathroom section whenever he has to go potty. It is easily transportable as well, so when I travel, I just fold it up and slip it into my SUV and off we go. Because of her young age, she still had occasional accidents, but Bella knew where to do her business - she just wouldn't make it to the PTPA in time because of her tiny bladder. She also has the option to sleep in her nice and cozy dog bed (outside of the PTPA) at night if she wishes to do so because she will take herself into the PTPA if she needs to relieve herself. He woke up in the morning, I placed him in the bathroom and told him go potty, and waited a few minutes and he did! Our townhouse is located in an area with many coyotes and it would be unsafe to take Lil Bit outside after dark.
While furiously googling, I came across the “Potty Training Puppy Apartment” video on YouTube. So we decided to purchase the Puppy Apartment to make her third winter a safer and warmer winter. It was around 9 weeks that he put two and two together and realized to go in the apartment during the day. As expected, the 1st night Cocoa cried but by the 2nd night he was sleeping and using his potty pad in the Puppy Apartment.
At night the Puppy Apartment goes in our youngest daughter's room so she can keep an eye on her new puppy. So we started off just trying to take her out when it looked like she needed to go, but that was a horrible fail because she would wind up playing and after several minutes we would bring her in the house and then she would go. A few weeks of treats and praise and the occasional "no!" and just like that she is roaming the house freely, sleeping in our bed, with no accidents!
Finally to have her own space to run around during the hours when were asleep, or just to develop her independence. He had worked with German Shepherds while in Afghanistan during his last tour and a GSD pup would be the perfect breed to provide a sense of safety given we live on property in a remote area. In just a matter of 2 weeks, she was happy to use her pads and quite content hanging out in her yard! So I went online and found another brand, still thinking I didn't want to foot the shipping bill for the PTPA Potty Pads. I can't tell you how much unnecessary stress that the PTPA was able to alleviate for me as a new pet owner. Keep in mind that you still need to practice good patience when training your dog, but with the PTPA, your stress will seriously be reduced. He has been using it all day, and he goes straight to it to go potty, we have the door open so he can go in and out, he is confined to the kitchen. This is by far the best potty training tool and investment for anyone who is wanting to train their new puppy!!
Please understand he’s still a puppy and has occasional accidents, but this system has made training a no-brainer.
She had a couple of accidents but with persistence and patience she got the idea and now uses it every time. During the day when she is around the living room playing and running, she gives me a cue to potty, I would just say “go potty” and she instantly walks inside the PTPA, and does it. It gives us peace of mind knowing that Rocky has a place to relieve himself (his bathroom) in the event that I cannot take him out; because I do have two toddlers that take up a lot of my time as well.
He was not perfect at this age but we continued to follow the training tips in the Instructional DVD, which was key. We are still in the midst of potty training Cocoa because of his young age but once in his Puppy Apartment he knows where to go potty with no problems. Encourage the puppy to ring the bell, and then immediately reward the puppy by allowing the puppy to go through the door to eat the treats on the other side.
The second package absorbed a little better, but I would still find little wet footprints that when tested with my black light, sure enough - she was tracking urine in her Playpen area. Potty training Bella was one of my biggest concerns and it really should've been the least of my worries. Oliver may be “smarter than the average bear”, but I highly recommend having the PTPA in your life.
We slowly expanded his area and now at 16 weeks he has the whole main level of the house to play and be with us and is 99% potty trained in the apartment. If we want to sleep in on a given morning we don't have to worry about having to take Cocoa out to potty.
Ally was just unable to hold it long enough for us to get to her, so we wound up cleaning the crate and bathing her about twice a day (not to mention it was unhealthy and uncomfortable for her). It gives us piece of mind knowing that Charlie knows where to go to potty and the best part is she learned in so little time!! I think in a few more weeks Ophellia (Fi Fi) will have it down and I will not have to worry about my carpets any more. Her scent was no longer confined to her own personal restroom, it was tracked all over her area. With that in mind I did some online research for some sort of litter box for dogs when I came across your website. We gated her in the kitchen and laid 2 potty pads down, but for what ever reason it seemed more like she was trying to avoid the pads all together. She came designed from the factory (natural instinct) with the ability to smell her scent and feel comfortable 'going' there! After watching the video on your site and on Youtube, I ordered the small PTPA, playpen, bedding and potty pads. Needless to say, I am back and completely committed to the PTPA Potty Pads and my girl is back urinating on the PTPA Potty Pads 100% of the time, at only 4 months! I also like that the doors come off easily and there are rollers on the bottom of the PTPA for easy moving. I will forever endorse these pads exclusively to my friends & family - and will never again be without them!
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