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Its been almost a month since Christmas, and since we potty trained Johannes.  Often times I forget just how quickly time passes.  A whole month?
Day two is the exact same way, except there is a one hour outing in the afternoon.  The parents are to wait until the child goes to the potty before venturing out doors wearing only loose pants, no diaper and no undies. Day three is again the same as the previous two but on day three there are two outings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon each lasting one hour. As the theory goes, after the third day the child should be well on their way to being potty trained.  They are to only wear loose pants no undies for three months, and go bottomless at home.
For us we applied a modified version of the theory.  We did the three days by the book, and by the third day Johannes was running all on his own to the potty, sitting down and peeing.
Day 10, no pee accidents but many poop accidents.  He was still refusing to go in the toilet, he would either hold the poop in or poop in his undies.
I work from home, but if you have to go out just doing it in the morning and evening is a huge help.
Despite the myths surrounding potty training, there is a shorter route to ensuring your little ones are getting the hang of it quickly, and these are covered in this helpful and comprehensive guide.
By ordering Start Potty Training today you and your tot can enjoy the fun side of teaching and acquiring this essential skill. What with the lack of sleep and the myriad other issues being a new parent brings, this program is aimed at ensuring that potty training is the least traumatic experience for your toddler, by empowering you with a toolkit to help foster their independence. Start Potty Training 3 Days Method sets about dispelling all myths surrounding this huge step in your child’s social advancement, seeking to expose the truth about potty training to parents.
The author of this comprehensive guide to effective potty training is Carol Cline – a mother of four children. Casual in her tone of voice, but with proven professional experience, Carol Cline wanted to help other parents struggling to get their toddler to use the potty. Order Start Potty Training now, so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a fully potty trained and independent child within just a few days.
Designed to help anyone with a young toddler and essentially help the toddler too, this program is designed for patient readers who wish to see their child excel, and for people who have a strong and loving bond with their child.
Indiscriminate in its demographic, Start Potty Training can benefit anyone who is having trouble potty training their child. Can you imagine having the stress of potty training completely over within just three days!

How fantastic would it be to have reconciled this developmental hurdle so quickly and easily? Additionally, investing in a program that helps you to keep the close and loving bond with your toddler means goodbye to dirty diapers anymore. Whilst on the surface, potty-training alone is brilliant in its practicality, being potty trained will improve your child’s self-confidence and it will nurture an independence that will actually make future challenges seem achievable.
Offering a huge amount of positive guidance and support, Carol Cline’s eBook is very easy to use and it contains a lot of helpful tips that make the process a lot easier for both you and your little one. You need not spend another single day feeling discouraged about your child’s potty training development. To make potty training fun, relaxing and progressive for your child, this program is ideal for you.
Order Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training program today and you could have an independent and determined little one in just 3 days’ time!
I heard that EC babies potty train super early, becouse they don’t have to get used to the idea and change their ways. Most people thought we were crazy for trying so early, but he showed signs he was ready and so we let him take the lead.
I think one of the main reasons that our experience was so successful is because his teachers were 100% on board. I live in Toronto where I share my life with my husband and our growing troop of baby boys. As children get old enough to go to school hey need the hard and fast rules and regs to help them control their toilet actions.
This very helpful program outlines an array of proven techniques designed to help your child achieve potty training achievement in record time!
As such potty training can even be fun using this broad range of techniques that have been well honed. A powerful solution to transform and accelerate progress, you will be amazed at how effective these techniques are in helping nurture an independent little one. Combined with her first-hand experience, Carol has researched potty training over the years, studying this topic extensively to create a handy guide to help thousands of parents just like you to deal with this essential and yet frustrating part of parenthood. A woman with years of experience, you can trust that what you’re paying for with this is the years of trial and error research into techniques to success.

If you are quick to temper, or don’t feel that you have time to devote three days to potty training, then you will probably  not be suited to this! Many people experience conflict during this phase, and it’s a helpful reminder that you are not alone, and offers strategies for feeling better about it. You can get started almost immediately by hitting the button below and getting your copy of Start Potty Training today!
No more irritating accidents and more importantly a prepared, well developed and independent toddler. Acting as both a marker and a stepping stone for other very important aspects of their development, potty training is a real milestone that you and your little one can achieve together. Those same people that thought we were crazy are now begging for advice (which, honestly, I don’t have much to offer since Kale figured it out on his own pretty quickly). Our little ones find it confusing and frustrating to endure this process and we have to throw our ‘best clothes’ out of the metaphorical window during this phase. They must learn to recognize when they need to go to the toilet, in order to avoid problems at school. This can be a great precursor to embarking on the training, so if your little one is still too little, have a read and feel prepared for this challenging and yet very rewarding time. After a clear run of a few days of apparent success, all it takes is one little accident and we can feel like we have slipped backwards again. Due to oversubscription,  many preschools and daycare centers will go as far as to refuse to enrol children who are not potty trained adequately. There are so many stages and milestones of when and how they should have this, do that, not do that, etc if all becomes a bit too much. Kale also wore pull ups at night until just a few weeks ago when he suddenly told us he was done with them.
When my son was 4 months old I noticed that he always poops as soon as he wakes up in the morning, or shortly after.
Kale is a frequent night waker, so we didn’t want to encourage additional wake ups to use the bathroom.

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