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The narrator tells them they usually "feel butterflies in their stomach when the need to go." That right there is worth the app. Love this app!"love this app and think it has really helped my son with potty training.
I got my boy interested again!After using the app for one day, it got my 24 months son interested in potty training again. Keeping on the theme of potty training, I have put together a list of some of the best potty training apps that I have found so far.
This entry was posted in Parenting and tagged Best Apps, parenting, Potty Training on March 12, 2013 by Heather. If you have a little one learning to use the potty, you should definitely look into this one. Most of them are FREE potty training apps available in the iTunes store – just the perfect types of apps (what?

The app features a personalized eBook starring your child, has 5 interactive potty games, 5 original potty songs, a reusable star rewards chart and helpful potty training tips. You choose boy or girl, skin color hair style and color, eye color, and put in your child’s name. My son literally got off the couch and started dancing around the room when we played the songs. He started memorizing this by playing it on our iPad and would recite it while trying to use the potty". You can even record your voice saying their name so that each time the name is said in the story it is your voice saying it. My favorite tip was to have your child’s favorite cartoon character call as a reward. This app will let your toddler play games, watch videos, read stories and track their successes.

The child helps each animal on the farm find their potty when they have butterflies in their tummy and use it successfully!
With a new baby, I would love to speed it up so we don’t have tow kids in diapers for too long! It also gives you options of how old your child is, what names you use for pee and poo, and also for body parts. The story is darling and actually made my son giggle with delight over the fact that his name was in the story. We have been having so much fun with it and it has really inspired my little guy to want to use the potty more often.

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