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Before I answer, let me pause to mention that by this point all three boys were well into some belligerent sick boy mood after having thrown up several times each in the previous few days.
Luckily (or not?) the second Poop Boy announced fairly quickly that he was done, too, and then dashed around the room screaming “Man! WELCOME TO DEBORAH’S BLOGSee what Deborah is up to, or sit a spell and enjoy her tales about the thrills, chills, and spills of being a triplet mom and writer.
We used quotes from the book, as well as items found in the books to add details to the party. Guests were greeted as they moved further into the imagination of Skippyjon with characters from the book. We served Cactus Treats, Jelly Bean Cookies, Cupcakes, Sweet Like the Jello Cups, Mice Cream and Cake. However, if you're looking for what to really expect on Day One of potty training, this is it, messes and successes included. Excitedly talked about potty training and discussed what that meant: how wet pee would feel running down his leg, how good it would feel to be dry, etc. Asked him who he wanted to call to share his good news when he peed or pooped on the potty. Chose a potty seat insert over a separate toddler potty, to avoid a transition from toddler potty to actual potty. 11:30 - Round 10 and another real pee earns us a "Thomas the Train" episode (or four) while mom prepares lunch.
1:01 - After 13 rounds, I just want a stiff drink, but I paint the guest room with my mom instead. Aside from not having to rinse, wash, and hang cloth diapers at the end of every day, watching a toddler attempt to wiggle himself into and out of pants and underwear is a tedious and hilarious task.
Sometimes, I say, "Sit on the floor." And sometimes, I just giggle as he twerks works it out. Potty training: it’s an extremely popular topic in most every parent’s life at some point and also in nearly every general pediatrician’s career.
Recognize that different types of training occur at an uneven pace – this allows for unpredictability and then, in turn, for parental frustration. Talk to your pediatrician if upcoming predictable stressors such as a baby on the way or an anticipated move will make potty training more difficult. If you’ve completed this parenting milestone, what potty training tips worked for your child? I was so set on the fact that my 2 year old was going to be potty trained with no accidents ever within a week….ha! Don’t let other people, as well meaning as they may be, try to tell you their kids were potty trained at 18 months. I wrote it a few months ago, but haven’t had a chance (or maybe the guts?) to post it. The sudden crowd around the potty seat meant I had to shove and push and elbow to keep myself from being squeezed out.

We missed having a 3rd birthday for Asa (since my preggo belly was about to explode at any moment) so I started planning his 4th almost right away. Since Mason’s birthday is two days later (and we had just gotten back from a cruise), we decided to combine their birthdays and have a massive fiesta! We had a fajita bar, Margaritas (adults only), beer for the dudes who wanted it, water and lemonade for the kids. My mother in law is a pretty talented artist and drew them on fabric paper and then ironed them on the shirts (we got the shirts at Hobby Lobby).
Made a commitment to make no exceptions to this. Anticipated and expected to clean up messes.
Probably didn't need the calories anyway, considering that later on, I consume sweet potato pie, buttered popcorn, Halloween candy, and a bottle of red wine. I'm a French teacher turned stay-at-home mom who strives to maintain her social life with and without her kid.
I decided to provide this direct quote, especially since you may not believe me on this one! Nighttime bowel training occurs more naturally and easily; bladder control occurs much later, often years after daytime continence is achieved.
A general pediatricians’ mantra here: Avoid all negativity and all actions that even remotely resemble punishment. Yet, at the same time, reevaluate as needed to see if your plan from two weeks ago still applies as your child enters another developmental stage. Also, discuss if your child has medical problems, including constipation that may often interfere with parental expectation of the potty training timeline.
We can't respond to every comment, particularly those that deal with individual medical cases and issues. And that it made Daddy sorry for my huge mistake, too, for at that moment he was also wishing pretty strongly that I had bought that football helmet and pads. After I got the pictures (from the lovely Courtney Miller), I knew I wanted to submit the party to Amy Atlas for a feature. We knew Asa (the animal lover) would enjoy it so we bought him two of the adventures to get him started.
Coincidentally, around March I saw Brittany from Grey Grey Designs had the same inspiration I did! Guests were greeted with a real life version of Skippyjons room and entered his imagination through his closet door. Kim made a cake pop to look like Skippyjons ride on mouse and also included a scene from the book on edible paper.
Keep in mind that this Social Butterfly Mom cherishes her social time and got very little of it, being on house arrest today. By day, a French speaking, cloth diaper changing, baker extraordinaire in both real and pretend kitchens. But really, start to talk to a toddler about their stool in as objective a manner as you can muster and you will be truly amazed at the variety of response regarding how it’s made, how it comes out and where it goes when you flush the toilet.

We review comments before they're posted, and those that are off-topic or clearly promoting a commercial product generally won't make the cut.
In a burst of new activity, the youngest boy began pulling off his clothes, demanding to sit on the very same potty as his brother.
For Christmas last year we added two more to the collection, and my mom completed it with the last two for his birthday. The dinosaur coming out of the closet door is from another Skippyjon adventure and was put there to help appease Asa (he changed his mind a thousand times about what kind of party he wanted.
We stretch potty breaks from 30 to 45 minutes, and then 60 minutes between, always going prior to departure and upon arrival to our destination.
Just remember that parenting is only hard if you're doing it right, and the more consistent work you put on the front end, the better your results will be in the long run. For instance, between her 2nd and 3rd birthday, you may see how she plans to solve problems such as how to get a shovel from another child at the sandbox, or how to get an extra piece of candy from you. We also expect a basic level of civility; disagreements are fine, but mutual respect is a must, and profanity or abusive language are out-of-bounds. But it was my job to keep control of this budding riot, so I gritted my teeth and fought for my place. I trace it back to a few weekends before when I came downstairs after sleeping in and found Daddy and sons sitting at the table, eating oatmeal, with Daddy chanting deeply, “We’re MEN eating OATMEAL! If she can plan how to get her object of desire, maybe she can plan how to stay dry without diapers and go to the potty chair. We waited until summer for both our boys and that was easier for us because they were able to use the outside tree facilities and they thought that was neat! Because it turns out that like everything else, potty training takes on a new, physically punishing, dimension when it stars triplet boys. As I was also simultaneously encouraging the pooping boy and keeping his brothers from stomping the funky diaper I’d dropped in my hurry to seat the pooper, it was a tough moment in my life. Luckily, the pooper was pooped out and relinquished his seat for a victory lap around the room. Thank you for the heads up on the fabulous party printables from Piggy Bank Parties Brittany! It didn’t help that my youngest son (by about thirty seconds) kept pushing Poop Boy up to check the pot .
There are perils in potty training children when they are not ready- it may delay the overall timeline.
So, ask if your toddler is interested in the potty chair, can undress or dress herself a bit, can follow simple instructions and wants to wear big-kid underwear. With a new boy on the pot, there was nothing I could do but let the runner run and hope that he wouldn’t decide to sit his man-self down on the carpet.

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