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With just one chart, you get 5 professional speedsters: Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, Ramone and Sheriff! Free printable Toy Story Potty Training Charts to help you with the potty training process.
Free printable Toy Story Potty Training Charts to make the potty training process fun and successful. This Potty Patty Potty Training Chart & Stickers is a truly personalized potty training reward system! With the flexibility of a reusable potty chart, you can personalize the rewards that will encourage and motivate YOUR child that day, week or month.

The potty stickers are great potty training rewards, and are used on the chart to track progress ( example: 3 stickers = 1 candy) or can be given as a reward byt themselves. You can reward you child for desired potty behaviors such as: taking his pants down by himself! These potty charts are in Letter format (used in the USA) we also have a version in A4 paper format (for all other countries) below. These potty charts print best on A4 paper format but you can also find similar charts for 8X10 paper format above.
This potty training chart can be posted anywhere from the bathroom, to the kitchen as a reminder of progress and a easy way to praise your daughter on her accomplishments in potty training.

Potty Patty Potty Chart is reusable, and comes complete with a potty training certificate that you can put the child's name on when the child has completely potty trained.
We include blank stickers and a dry erase marker inside so you can easily change the reward from the example of 1 candy to 1 toy car or whatever you decide.
Choose from an array of FREE stickersor, get the BRAND NEW CARS STICKERS!Download your Cars Potty Training Chart in PDF or JPEG format.

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