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Before starting the house training process, it is important to realize that from the perspective of new puppies or untrained dogs, there is no good reason why they should not potty inside the home. There are a number of ways for potty training a Chihuahua successfully; your choice really depends upon the type of environment you live in. In contrast, those in suburban or rural environments with yards or a safe outside area might use a combination of training pads and outside toileting; still others will skip pads altogether and take their pups straight outside. Reduce the number of pads by taking away one pad every few days, leaving a small area without a pad. Puppies instinctively do not like to potty too near where they eat or sleep, so ensure that the first pads you remove are the ones closest to the pup’s bed and bowls. Over the next few weeks, gradually reduce the potty area by removing each pad until is only a single pad left. If the puppy is making the transition from toileting on pads inside to going outside, take a partially soiled pad to an appropriate outside area and place it on the ground.
If you want to designate a permanent toileting area in your home, make sure you choose a quiet area. Never scold a dog for toileting inappropriately, and never rub his nose in or near his mess. If a puppy is punished for toileting, the punisher becomes someone to be feared, and the pup will then be inclined to either potty in secret or hold himself until the person is out of sight.
Potty training is one of the most important lessons you need to establish during your dogA?s early weeks.
Be considerate in finding a warm potty area for the Chihuahua during freezing-cold months as Chihuahuas shiver easily during the winter.

Be committed to giving some time and effort to observing and correcting the puppy during its early training. Potty training may not be very easy, but thinking about its wonderful outcome will empower you to achieve good results.
It is up to people to give their dogs the tools they need to succeed in a domestic world, that starts with helping them learn where it is appropriate to toilet.
People in urban living situations with no yard tend to paper train their puppies until the pups have had all their vaccinations at approximately sixteen weeks old.
This can be either a pen or a small puppy-proofed room with the pup’s bed or crate, food, and water bowl. Because the puppy has built up a habit of toileting on the pads, he should naturally gravitate to the area where the pads are still covering the floor, leaving the unpadded area clean. Ensure that the remaining pad is the farthest from the pup’s bed and bowl, and change any soiled pads regularly.
This will encourage the puppy to potty outside while still having the comforting feel of the pad underneath his paws. As you give your puppy more freedom, encourage him to use the pad by leading him to this area at hourly intervals and then less frequently as he learns to hold himself for longer periods.
There is a small difference between training big dogs and training little ones like Chihuahuas.
Make sure it wears a protective sweater and is equipped with a cozy mat during the cold season.
Begin the journey today by following the given steps on how to potty train a Chihuahua: Who knows?

When it is safe for the puppy to be outside, they make the transition between paper training inside and toileting  outside. Repeating this process consistently will build up an association between the word and the act of toileting, so that you then can use the word to encourage the puppy to potty. If you catch your Chihuahua in the act of toileting in the home, issue a gentle vocal interrupter and pick his bottom off the ground. You may bond with it while waiting for the next 20 minutes in order to be consistent in keeping to the schedule. Establishing its potty time every 20 minutes must be initiated by you until its body responds positively to the routine.
Be firm and consistent, but never physically punish your dog if it accidentally makes a mess around the house. You may place the potty container on the floor of a room that that can be cleaned easily, for instance the kitchen or laundry room - but near its crate.
If you can?t do the task, ask somebody else or hire a person who can manage the training for you. The young pet should be restricted from roaming around the house if it is not yet trained to go potty. Say ?No, not good,? with a firm voice while closing the barricade or pointing to the mess it created.

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