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Featured Preconception ArticlesImportant New Guidelines Advise Couples To Try To Conceive Within Three Months After A Loss6 Tips for Surviving Secondary InfertilityWhy Don’t Your Kids Look Like You? Reward charts Printable worksheets, arts and crafts, chore charts - handipoints Free printable behavior charts Toddler coloring printable chart - platinum lawn care inc. There are three different ways to use a reward chart in this situation.1) Give each child his own sticker chart. This might also cause competition and conflict.3) Another option is to use one behavior chart for both kids.

It is in both children’s interest to cooperate and succeed and therefore they will encourage each other to do so.
This method is particularly appropriate when the issues that you are facing require cooperation between the siblings, friends or classmates. For example, two brothers that are constantly arguing and hitting each other. You can use the 15 step chart and tell them that each time they work together, take turns, use words rather than hands to express angry feelings or do a kind act for each other then they will get a sticker on their behavior chart. When they complete the chart and receive 15 stickers then you will all celebrate their accomplishment with an activity that everyone loves.

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