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Chelsea asks Aubree to pick out a potty she likes — and Aubree ends up just picking out all of the cute rubber duckies and setting them on the ground.
But when Aubree finally sits down on a pink potty, she doesn’t stay for long — she gets right up and bolts away!
Chelsea decides the best way to get Aubree excited about using a potty is to start a chart of achievements. But when the potty gets set in the living room — which makes sense, naturally — Aubree HATES it, and whines and kicks it across the room! And even though Chelsea and her baby daddy Adam Lind are broken up at the time and not talking to each other, Adam’s mom is still on board with getting Aubree potty trained. The Baby Born With Magic Potty is no longer in stock at any of the 70,000 stores listed on GoSale.Below is a list of possible auctions for this product.
7, Chelsea Houska thinks it’s time her two-year-old daughter Aubree learns how to stop dropping a diaper cake in her diaper and start using the toilet, so she takes her to a specialty kids shop to buy her a training potty!

Every time she goes to the bathroom in the potty, she will get a star on her chart which hangs proudly on the fridge! But my girl wants her to cry-sound and laught, say mama-papa, and is not really interesting in real feeding and making her pi-pi or cry tears.
Includes one 17" doll, one potty, one two-piece outfit, one bottle with two different caps, special doll food, one plate, one spoon, one diaper, one "magic" pacifier and one basic pacifier.
No batteries required.Editorial ReviewBABY born enables the realistic role play of mother and child. No batteries are required for any of her nine life-like features which offer a wide range of play and encourage the mother care concept.
Then change her wet diaper, or help her go to the bathroom on her purple potty like a big girl.
You can even hear potty sounds so you know that the training is working.But little girls needs more than potty training help from their mommies.

This BABY born’s clothing is removable so she can be bathed if the feeding was messy.
She also cries every once in a while, so you may need to place the "magic" pacifier in her mouth. The doll has moveable arms and legs, which make her easier to dress and undress, allow her to have lifelike poses, and makes her easy for mommy to carry on the go.This doll has nine lifelike features, none of which require batteries. BABY born with Magic Potty comes with one BABY born doll, one potty, a two-piece outfit, a feeding bottle with two caps, a plastic plate and spoon, food, one diaper, and two pacifiers (one "magic" and one basic).

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