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USE 3: Carry two changes of clothes for your messy toddler OR essentials for two kids at different stages.
Help make your toddler master of her porcelain throne with these tips from a local pediatrician.
I had noticed he would point to his diapers front or back when I asked if he wanted to use the potty, so I knew he was ready. By 2am we usually have to do a complete changing of his clothes, and sure enough he has milk just before bedtime, I will add potty training before he sleeps.

Hang it off your stroller or carry it on your wrist; you can even use it as your evening clutch. This is a task that no parent ever looks forward to doing, but with the right understanding, you can get through this with your child and at a minimum of stress to both of you! Perfect, start stuffing it with pullups for potty training, use it as a makeup case or travel toiletry bag for yourself!
Pockets for diapers, cream and hand sanitizer, a removable wipes case and a coordinating washable change pad.

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