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After spending some time learning some tips with Huggies Pull-Ups I realized just how wrong we were.  Aside from the tips I told you about in that post, I also learned a few pointers that I was just too ashamed to admit at the time. As a Madrina del Bano for the Huggies Pull-Ups #EveryFlush campaign, however, I did receive some AWESOME products to help facilitate the potty training process.  These potty training essentials are great tools to use when beginning the potty training process. To learn more about the potty training process, the Huggies Pull-Ups website is a great information source to get you started.  You can also visit Pull-Ups on Facebook for more information.
Be patient and don’t get mad or upset when accidents happen!If your patient he will feel more at ease and catch on quickly!
My tip is to let them pick out fun underwear from the store and tell them they can wear them if they use the potty. June 13, 2013 23 Comments I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to share our potty training experience as part of this sponsored campaign from Huggies Pull-Ups. But once I stopped trying to push her and let her take more of a lead, she was much more amenable to the idea of sitting on the potty. So for now we don our Pull-Ups and I enjoy reminding her that she needs to take a potty break and doing the potty dance when she tries. Speaking of Pull-Ups, I can’t recommend them enough to take the “fear” out of potty training. Filed Under: Trying to Figure it Out Tagged With: Monsters U, potty training, pulls-upsLike this?
We first tried to potty train without the pull-ups and ended up with one too many puddles on the floor. All content on this site are copyrighted works that belong to Motherhood on the Rocks and its authors. At home we just pre-snapped the bottom snaps of our pocket diapers, which allows us to pull them up just fine (mostly).
Huggies easy-open sides mean that you can open the diaper and close it back up again if you need to. My mother in law potty trained our oldest son by giving him a penny for every time he used the potty, he was small so that was a big deal to him at that time and he even saved up a good amount of money! Even when she dons her monster face ?? Potty training can be a daunting experience, but you are right… she will do so in her own time.

I am so thankful those days are over for me, but now I have 2 grandson’s in pull-ups. Sometimes I do unsnap them right at the last moment and put them on as I would have before. So for there we had to switch from Pampers Cruisers, which we’ve been using very happily for a while now to either Huggies Pull-Ups or Pampers Easy-Ups. Again, the hight difference is obvious, as the Pampers (on the right) comes all the way up to Cthlooloo’s head and bunches there. Not sure if you can see that the middle bit of the Pampers is folded over more cause it is deeper, but it is. But I make sitting on the potty seem very exciting, and I can usually get her to do it several times a day for about 5 minutes each time. I try not to get too hung up on deadlines, because no kid goes to kindergarten in diapers – or so they say. It will be a feat in and of itself and those times will come at the most inopportune moments. Only excerpts of this content may be used with written consent from the author PRIOR TO publication. Sometimes when pulled up they kind of get bunched funny and need to be unsnapped and refastened. I’m sure there are other pull up style diapers from other brands, but we can get these two very easily.
Looking at the pictures of one on top of the other, we an see that the Huggies are wider and shorter and the Pampers are taller and skinner. We’ll have to brave germ-laden restrooms where you have to use a roll of toilet paper to protect their little tushy and go through half a gallon of sanitizer because she hasn’t quite learned that some things aren’t meant to be touched. Check out how cute they are!Pull-Ups helps take the scare out of potty training by making it fun and easy with new Monsters U character training pants! And Will most likely be using these training pants when my daughter is finally ready to start potty training. I looked online for comparisons, but I can only seem to find comparison blogs for the girls styles.

Pampers Easy-Ups has Diego with a soccer ball and Diego with dragonflies (with LP keeps calling butterflies). One of the things you can see when the diapers are open is that the Huggies design is more visible through the inside than the Pampers design, especially in the back. You can help make potty training easier by staying consistent and using rituals like the potty break. So for visual characters I think that Huggies wins this round…unless you have a child who is terrified of monsters and refuses to wear the ones with Sully on them. This is because Huggies has separate Pull-Ups for daytime and nighttime where as Pampers Easy-Ups are for both day and night use. After all, if your little one pees in her diaper while gleefully pulling things off the shelves in Target, no one bats an eye. I look forward to the next milestone as much as the next person, but I also mourn the stage we just left, because you can’t go back. I only have the day Huggies because we’re still using Pampers Baby-Dry (not -Ups style) for nighttime.
So I cherish each moment, each hurdle, each success, and one day, I’ll even miss doing the potty dance. We can all thank Darius for trying to show LP Monsters, Inc before he was ready for it for that. The other problem with a variety of characters instead of one character in different scenes is that your toddler might start to insist that he only wants to wear Buzz Lightyear. Field tests confirm this as the only time in recent times that Little Prince has leaked through his diaper at daycare was when we sent a pack of Huggies daytime Pull-Ups. Then again, Little Prince runs on the tiny and skinny side of the scale, so maybe it was just the dimensions fitting him better instead of the amount of padding.

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