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But as the mother of six, I can tell you that one of the most satisfying milestones will definitely be the day you potty train your child! Becoming diaper-free isn't just an exciting time for you, it's an exciting time for your child. Unfortunately, there are myths (and bad methods) out there that will sabotage your child's chances of successful potty training. From my years of potty training and working as a mentor, toddlers are usually ready by the time they are 22 months of age.
There are a lot of parents who believe that placing their child on the potty will help them learn how to use it on his own. Even if your child doesn't fight it and even goes a time or two while they are sitting on the potty, this doesn't train them.

The few daycare's out there that say they will help with potty training, do so in a way that is easiest for them.
Before disposable diaper were introduced in the 1960s, children were usually trained by 18 months.
Now-a-day's we train later and later, and many people believe kids still aren't ready to lose the diapers even after they've been introduced to the potty. Above are some of the most common myths associated with potty training that I have heard during my mentoring years. The truth is that many daycares turn away parents who haven't potty trained their children.
Pull-up type training pants are basically diapers, with a little different design and a very clever marketing campaign.

It doesn't help that pull-ups are targeted toward parents to suggest that somehow kids will use them like "big kid" underwear and simply pull them down when they need to use the potty. Waiting for your child to tell you when he's ready to train is a huge mistake and not the way to go.
In fact, this practice of sitting on the toilet and "trying" usually causes fear of the potty altogether and things become a fight.
Countless parents will tell you that most kids just comfortably continue to go to the bathroom in their pull-ups, just like they did in their diapers.

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