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Once this sad condition takes hold, the resulting power-struggles can be enough to bring even the strongest adult to their knees. If you’re beginning to fight with your little one over using the potty, stop right away.
Sure, it may feel a bit embarrassing to some folks, but it goes a long way toward teaching the skills you want and replacing anger and frustration with smiles and giggles.
There couldn’t be a better time to buy a folding potty seat because if you like our facebook page today, you will receive a 15% off coupon! Give your little princess the cushy potty seat she deserves with the Disney Princess Potty Seat.

The Disney Princess Soft Potty Seat is one of a number of different potty training products including our Disney Princess 3-in-1 Potty Trainer, Disney Princess Folding Potty Seat, and Disney Princess Petite Potty.
Make potty training something new and exciting for your daughter by providing her with something that will help her feel more at ease.
Over the years, we’ve met many parents who were desperate enough to give this strange approach a shot.
In addition to private therapy and parent consulting services, Kerry offers parenting classes and workshops in Denver and the surrounding areas for toddlers, elementary, and teenage children.
From a playful Dora the Explorer potty seat to a thrilling Spider Man potty seat, Ginsey has a soft, cushy potty seat that will make any child’s bathroom experience better.

The more you battle, the longer it will take-and the more tears of frustration will be shed by both you and your child.

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