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1) I didn’t even think about potty training until BOTH twins were giving readiness signs (vocalizing and recognizing body functions, plus an interest in the toilet).
2) Even after that I waited until all major family stresses were over: until after we moved and settled into our new house, my older boys started school, and we were in a stable daily routine.
4) I purchased multiple potty seats for my little multiples because often little bladders need to GO RIGHT NOW MOMMY at the same time. 6) Remember your multiples will be potty trained before their sixteenth birthday… probably. I recall the days of travelling with a potty seat in the car trunk…and stuffing groceries into the front seat because the back seat had two car seats belted in!
BTW, I was once sitting on an airplane with a family, and I overheard the mom asking the kid to tell another passenger they were talking with why they were going to Disneyworld. It is just the size of a marble – merely small compared to stool size he has when he poops on his diaper but I did the applaud thing which made him smile. This entry was written by The Lazy Mama, posted on August 11, 2010 at 3:49 PM, filed under Parenting and tagged Potty Training. This isn’t a frequent thing, but there are certain mom-responsibilities that I continue to struggle with. I have a mouth like a truck driver (in case you haven’t noticed), and I rarely censor myself around my kids. Obviously I’m not saying I go up to random kids and tell them to eff off, but my house is definitely not a hangout spot.
My three year old now understands things like ”don’t let go of my hand” and ”sit down in the cart” but there was a period around 18 months where his running skills far outpaced his direction following skills.
Once my older son started walking he would no longer ride in the stroller, so I used a leash when we went to the zoo or the mall. You might find he doesn’t mind being up in a shopping cart seat when he’s stable enough!
I tried the leash with my older daughter when she kept running away in the grocery store while her infant sister was in the cart. My sister used to go for walks with her toddler on a lead and her dog walking beside them – without a lead. When my kids were babies I had a lot of people shame me for not putting socks and shoes on them.

We were really only concerned about our older son since he needed to be potty trained for preschool, but otherwise it didn’t make sense to push it.
My daughter independently started asking for the potty when she was not quite three, and then she got bored with the game.
I was at a coffee shop a week ago when I heard a woman telling her friends how her husband didn’t see a point to putting their infant in more clothes than a diaper in the sort of incredulous can-you-believe-I-let-this-moron-put-a-baby-in-me tone. Another Mom from the pediatric clinic was surprised to find out he’s only 2 and has already a very wide vocabulary of words. By the way, for a boy, it’s ok if he learns to pee sitting first as long as he learns where his pee should go. Somehow none of them have picked up a nasty cursing habit, which I completely attribute to threats and luck, but I still get the stink eye from certain people in my family if I accidentally drop an f bomb or ten. I was totally given nightmares by Nightmare On Elm Street and I’m sure I gave my oldest nightmares with The Grudge. My daughter HATED strollers, car seats, etc., but loved shopping carts because she could see what was going on at my eye level. I liked the leash because my daughter could walk around without jerking me sideways, and I could take pictures or just stand erect like a full-out homo sapiens. It’s more of a special treat kind of deal, but also my husband is a hoarder who refuses to get rid of the damn thing. Sometimes my husband calls me out on it, and then I try to watch what I say, but it doesn’t help. I wish parents would talk about this more, because a lot of parents feel like they’re doing the wrong thing but it’s totally normal! I understand why it might have to happen (because of staffing regulations and so on) but it must be so stressful to have to train on a deadline. Knowing her personality, I was not going to push it, because it would have turned into a horrible, miserable battle. I can understand not expecting the kid to be trained for night-time, but surely they are old enough to communicate their needs before 3. I had a lot of rompers for my younger son, which is essentially the same, but it looks like an actual outfit. I get the feeling I probably couldn’t be, either, seeing as babies have no dignity to protect anyway.

Forget potty training before a certain age or stage; I simply want to be a happy and supportive mother during the process. Perhaps this was unfair to the twin who was ready first, but she never seemed upset about staying in diapers.
Then the training took less than a week, was pretty much accident-free, and was very low-key. I had two runners and I watched my cousin get hit by a speeding car on her 16th birthday, so judge all you want, but at least I feel safe and my kid can walk around. My kids are all done with it now, but at least one of my kids came dangerously close to three and a half before they were completely weaned from pull ups.
You leash a dog because you love them and you don’t want them to get lost or run over. She just kept running until the leash would jerk her to a stop, then she’d lay down and scream, then get up and do it again.
Now my nearly 3 year old’s poo is practically adult-sized it make a huge difference having him do it in the toilet instead of a nappy. Basically, they argue that you should train when kids are ready, and that for most kids, that’s after 3. One of my more vivid memories is the day the next-door neighbour getting one of the very first slip and slides for her birthday and graciously letting me go first.
In fact, my son’s first summer (he was five months old) we had an awful heat wave, and the best thing in the world was stripping him down to a diaper and letting him lie on the tiled kitchen floor. Oh, and his potty seat is designed to handle situation as that (boy peeing in a sitting position). Some people think keeping children in diapers during potty training just delays their ability to recognize body signals. In my defense, we had just moved, but I still had a bitchy neighbor say something about childhood obesity blah blah blah.

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