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Right before we welcomed Bella back in November 2011, Savannah started showing the signs of wanting to potty train. When Savannah saw Bella getting extra bonding time come diaper changing time, she reverted back to wanting to wear diapers.
But, no pribing or rewards in the world could get Savannah to want to stick to potty training. Not only are they excited to see Dora the Explorer on the front of these training pants, but these pull ups are easier for the girls to get up and down when the time comes to make a dash for the potty. Another great feature of these potty training pants from Pampers is that they are super stretchy on the sides, making them easier for the girls to pull them up and down when having to go potty.

If you have found yourself stressing out about potty training or struggling like I have, and haven't given Pampers Easy Ups a try, I would suggest that your pick some up the next time you run out of training pants. Thanks to the kind folks at Pampers, one lucky reader will win a fun potty training prize pack to use with their child, valued at around $100.
When you are about to take on a new task that you know very little about, how do you go about learning about the subject matter? They also love to be able to put their own training pants on, and can do so with ease thanks to this easy give.
She hates being in a wet diaper, and will take it off and run to the potty most of the time.

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