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When considering the nature of the Goldendoodle, you must consider the characteristics of both the Golden Retriever and the Poodle separately in order to determine the characteristics the Goldendoodle may exhibit. What types and sizes of doodles do you breed?We breed medium and standard size goldendoodles (no mini goldendoodles). What is the difference between a goldendoodle and a labradoodle?With my experience, I find that temperment wise, there is not much of a difference. Will my dog shed?With both breeds, goldendoodles and labradoodles, there is a chance that your puppy will shed. I read that you microchip your puppies, what does that mean?A microchip is for identification purposes and can never be removed. How much should I feed my puppy?For a standard size puppy, a good guideline for feeding is your puppy's age.
How often should I feed my puppy?When the puppies leave here, they are eating 3 times a day. Are these dogs easy to train?With every breed you will have puppies that were easy to train and others that seemed to be more aloof when it comes to obedience.
When considering the nature of the Rattle, you must consider the characteristics of both the Rat Terrier and the Poodle separately in order to determine the characteristics the Rattle may exhibit. Mia is certainly very athletic, energetic (she can run full speed for 1 mile, no lie), fiercely loyal, extremely affectionate and the silliest dog we have ever had; She’s bananas! REPLY: Linda, Wow, I have to agree with you that your pup does look like a Maltipoo, although it is often difficult to tell for sure. With all of the inbreeding and linebreeding found in the purebred world, crossing the poodle and retriever breeds helps to alleviate common genetic disorders from both worlds.
If you research a purebred golden retriever and a labrador retriever you will find that both breeds are wonderful people dogs, very intelligent, and great with children. It is a small chip that is placed underneath the skin of your puppy between the shoulder blades. A couple of our dogs were having some ear problems, and one of our older dogs seemed tobeallergic to wheat.
Depending on your time table, I would cut down the feeding at 3-4 months old to 2 times a day.
I have found that both the goldendoodle and the labradoodle are wonderful dogs and very smart. She’s almost 7 months old, attending puppy club to socialize once a month, and has started puppy obedience classes. We got her when she was about 5 mos old.We didn’t know it at the time, but she was a victim of a puppy farm.
She is very intelligent, eager to please, energetic, friendly, and loves to retrieve tennis balls.
She is so much fun but sometimes we wish we could take out her vocal chords because she barks at anyone and anything that she is not intimately comfortable with.

Rattle puppies will sometimes take on the characteristics more heavily from the poodle vs the rat terrier, or vice versa.
He loves everybody, and with a face and personality like his he gets all that love back x 100! Feeding your puppy more often will result in potty training problems because it will seem like your puppy is always going to the bathroom for the simple reason that it is always eating.
Sure there are some doodles who are more high energy and will require more basic training than others. She loves to dig, hide her bones, chase squirrels, bark at cats, watch cars pass, and play ball for ever and ever.
I would recommend this breed to anyone that has the time to give it the appropriate exercise and attention that it needs.
I’ve had Ayden since he was 8weeks old and I must say I never thought I could become so attached to him. She was found roaming a construction site in Oklahoma City, but she’d already been spayed, so once had a home. Otherwise, as your puppy grows, I suppose time will tell…your puppy may change in looks as she gets older and perhaps the breeds will become more clearly defined at that point.
But, it’s also possible that as your puppy grows her looks may change to where you will eventually begin to see more of the Rat Terrier side. Of course, doing this cross does not neccessarily mean that you will get a puppy that is completely free of genetic problems.
She is a certified Therapy Dog with Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care and just took her first “under the seat in front of me” plane trip.
We have a huge backyard and pond where she loves to run like the wind and chase off any Canadian Geese that try to settle down. However, I attribute the barking, chasing and biting to her being a pound puppy who is very protective of her family. Each individual puppy will always be different from the next.I find the main difference between these two breeds to be their coat type, and with that, the incidence of shedding or non-shedding coats.
Honestly, I don't think that people know standard poodles because they are quite similar to the retrievers. Your puppy will be scanned, and the information stored in the little chip will have all of your contact information listed because you are the owner.
She is our third dog we have adopted from our local animal shelter and by far the sweetest, most loveable, smartest dog we have ever had. Also, I suspect most of the barking is because she’s a Chatty Cathy who has a lot to say! Sometimes they can pinpoint the mix of breeds within a dog so that may be a resource for you too. We test our dogs for various genetic disorders, and can therefore offer a guarantee on our puppies.

There is however, reduced grooming in the F1 generation.F1b goldendoodles are technically 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever.
She came from a litter of 3 – one had short hair like a terrier, one had really curly hair like a poodle and then there was Kona – with a mix of both. When she was a pup, she was very small and loved to curl up on my shoulder when we watched TV, and even to this day, loves to sit on my shoulder! This cross would be much better for people who are concerned with shedding and allergies.Our F2, F3, and australian labradoodles are the best guarantee for non-shedding, and the best for people with allergies.
We have had her designated as an Emotional Support Animal for me and she does her job very well. Please realize that breeding these wonderful hybrids is not as simple as get a poodle, and get a retriever and bam! If your puppy just won't settle down and he seems to be 'bouncing off the wall' he is probably still hungry.
We have never regretted getting her and she will stay with us until she crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Depending on your dogs' energy level, he will need to eat more or less than these guidelines. A lot of time and effort goes in to our breeding program, and I know that I can vouch for the many other breeders who share my love for this wonderful cross.
If you are a very active family and your dog is always running or swimming, your dog will need to eat more than the next door neighbors dog who spends his time sleeping on the couch.
I find that there is much controversy in the purebred world with regards to the "best" dog and keeping the "best" line.
My comment however does not apply to every purebred breeder, as I know many retriever breeders who also share my views on the negative sides of line breeding. From my own personal experiences with searching for a new puppy for my own breeding program, I know that I do not always look, like, and buy a puppy. I myself find that it is very important to know the genetic background of my line, and I do not support line breeding.
I want a puppy that is from two adult dogs, without the same lineage, and one that has come from a wonderful background with regards to health testing.
If you have gone to the page with "Our Girls" on it, you will find that our females are related.

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