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As you may know, praying for patience could be risky business because it might mean God will teach you to be patient! I see that when one son is at his worst, and instinctually I want to separate myself from him, the best thing to do is lean in. This a great tool to have in your back pocket when your child is having a continuous meltdown day.
One child threw an absolute fit over the seat he was to sit in on the way to a fast food drive-through.
We warned another child that if he couldn’t be kind to his brother, he would miss a TV show and go to bed 20 minutes early. As I mentioned before, if you have two and three year olds, take this post with a grain of salt and bank it for the future. Child #1: A month before delivery, I fill my brand new, designer diaper bag with each and every baby item the internet tells me to have.
Now that there is more demand for my attention with three, it’s hard to get my day to day things done. So, my basic plan I try to stick to is: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner.
We had a father of four at our house for dinner a few months ago and he shared that at his house each child has their own cup color. When they outgrew them, I made sure to buy two large packages of the exact same socks so each kid can grab two socks and they will match without fail. Marcello drops Luca off at preschool most days (thank heavens), but when I pick him up a whole three hours later, I have to take Adriano and Clara. I envisioned a little hand Christmas tree pillow, and rarely one to make something completely from scratch, I thought about how to make it as easily as possible. At first I thought I would trace their hands on cardboard to make a sort of stencil and cut out fabric hands.
Iron the folded creases out of your napkins so they won’t be noticeable on your pillow. Put a towel or paper down on the table before you start with the paint so it won’t soak through.
Get the kids to dab their hand in paint — shouldn’t take too much convincing — and carefully place it on the napkin.
Pin the napkins together — right side out if your napkins have trim and inside out if they do not. Of course Olivia wasn't going to eat much of the things that we made, so I made her exactly what she requested - a quesadilla. Sydney slept through most of the day - but we did get a little lovin' from her once everyone had left.
This little turkey slept through most of Thanksgiving, but I was so grateful to be able to eat using both hands!
Out of habit, Sydney takes most of her naps either in the swing or in the Ergo if we are out and about.
Sydney is getting much better at riding in her car seat, but we definitely have trips when she is crying for much of it. Since she is awake for longer stretches these days, she's discovering more and more about herself and her surroundings. We are so blessed to have this sweet little baby in our lives and with each passing month we are more and more excited to see what the future holds.
I know we haven't hit Thanksgiving quite yet, but our neighbors have already put up Christmas decorations and I heard Christmas music on David's Pandora today.

Even though it's 70 degrees here and sunny, I'm going to pour myself a cup of hot chocolate, turn up the Christmas music and search for some more holiday cards.
Last night, when I realized that Olivia was turning 31 months today, it really hit me that she is growing up. We went to the playground twice on Wednesday and then met up with some new friends at a different park yesterday. To combat some of the problem behaviors we do have {sassiness, refusal to do things like nap or pick up her toys, and whining}, I started a rewards jar for her very loosely based off of the one here on Lullaby Lubbock. The system seems to be helping and it's a lot easier to bribe, errr remind, her about the pom poms than it is some other special treat. So, one day, I pulled up Microsoft Word, "drew" a table with five boxes and slapped on a piece of Clip Art and printed off a few copies.
David and I are going to read the Love and Logic book again to work more on a set discipline system with her. I have shown them love with my whole heart during their short time on this earth, but I’ve also let them rule my emotions. Luca started yelling too, and I saw that if we continued down this path his teenage years would be tumultuous and ugly.
In fact, if you had seen me in action when the boys were two and three, you wouldn’t have even read this far!
When he’s freaking out over and over about nonsense, I started asking him what is wrong in a calm voice.
My gut reaction was to send him to his room, which obviously has its place, but in this case something inside told me to give him a hug. He couldn’t manage a turnaround and so, in fact, he missed the show and got in bed before his brother.
I’m still not sure what one is supposed to do with two year olds, especially multiples that young! I number them in order of priority to help my scattered brain focus when I find a spare minute. With everything going on, I cannot make a trip to the kitchen every 15 minutes, not to mention tackle the extra dishes limitless snacks create. I’m more willing to let things go and focus on being in the moment with the kids than before. They are responsible for washing their own cup and this prevents 50 cups from lining the sink. Which means I pack up those two, unbuckle them and take them in with me to Luca’s classroom, take all three back to the minivan and buckle them all in to go home. And then I had a reality check and realized I don’t have the time nor will to cut out all those hands. I have let them get the better of my temper, lost control, yelled and acted like a child myself more times than I can count. Then one day I got an email from someone dear to me and of great faith (who had no knowledge of my conviction) giving me some simple parenting advice. But I am growing, and God is showing me the way. These are four things that have pushed me into a new experience in parenting — one where I am in control of myself and the situation. You’ll be amazed at how this little question can shift the entire family’s mood! He refused and I had to carry his flailing body, kicking and screaming, back into the house. You would have thought the world had ended by the drama that went down, but we stuck to our guns.

I warned them three times again: If you cannot get along I will take all the toys away for a day.
One thing Marcello and I realized, though, is that we need to think through consequences before we say them.
I love that about her. Watching the ridiculous chaos my kids embody reminded her of when her boys were small.
I could honestly work all day just to try to keep a clean and tidy house only to have little monsters following behind, creating more mess. Either this will stick and continue working great or they’re going to hate their assigned color one day!
Each pair in the pack was different and trying to keep them matching was the bane of my existence.
To attempt to make it centered, try to do the first handprint in the bottom center and work up. We were in a lazy groove, in a pattern of giving in to the boys after they asked enough times. It always amazes me how doing what the Bible tells us will result in physiological benefits for our bodies. She demonstrates ample amounts of love to her children and does well by them as she disciplines. There will be many obstacles along the way and I’m beginning to see those as opportunities to learn, grow and become better. She couldn’t help but giggle at our everyday nonsense of poop and picky eaters and kiddie songs and wrestling and how Clara suddenly decided to take up spitting. My boys are too small to wash their own cups, but we could try assigning a color to remember whose is whose. After the third, I know there is enough room in a mother’s heart no matter the number of children. So I quietly went into the garage, pulled out a few garbage bags and filled them up until the playroom was empty. Fast forward to today, and I have three babies, make dinner most nights and love to organize. Apparently I’m really passionate about socks, but this works well when laundry could be a full time job in itself. It’s truly not easy to do, but if I can fight my instinct to shout at him or throw out a threat, I reach deeper and sometimes he changes his attitude for the rest of the day. Being grateful has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as lead to better sleep. I take it in the front yard, give it a good shake upside down and quickly wipe the inside with a baby wipe. This has only happened to me two times before — experiencing an answer to prayer almost immediately — and it felt miraculous. What surprised me still was that they were content playing make believe the rest of the day! I had to give Marcello grace, because even though he was willing to change, it took a little bit longer.

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