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I just don't get it, he seemed so happy to use the potty, now he wants very little to do with it. Gone are the days of him going to the potty 100% of the time when I let him run around diaper-free. It's true, when you push a toddler to potty-train--especially a boy--you are essentially pushing in the wrong direction.
Speaking of backfiring, he runs off to the bathroom or an empty room to crap his pants now!
So when it's time for your little girl to start the process of potty training, you know that you could be in for a ride rough. Get a small pot - Big pots are often very intimidating for children, get one that is low for adults and has a back support to help them when they are sitting. Patience Practice - Children can often take longer than we want to use the potty when they are sitting on it.
Use a routine - Have a routine for your little princess is important in this way is used to going at times, and can detect when it's time to go. Question of fact - You always want to praise your child, the more the better, but you do not want, it is extraordinary, that way it will eventually become a routine task, and not something which applauded each time. Be prepared - When you leave the house you want to be prepared for accidents, both mentally and physically. The first step to follow while potty training girls is to check how prepared your daughter is for the whole procedure. So when it's time for your little girl to start the process of potty training , you know that you could be in for a ride rough. Somewhere between 12 and 24 months, your daughter is prepared to ditch the diapers and put on her large girl panties. If you're new here, you may want to sign up for email updates so you never miss a new post. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Gather your supplies and put the potty in the living room in front of the TV and hunker down.
Try to sit her on the potty (or physically pick her up and put her on it) every 20-25 minutes if she hasn’t gone recently, or every 40 minutes if she has.
Every time she sits on the potty, she gets one Sitting on the Potty Treat (I really ended up giving her a couple mini M&Ms  slowly, just to keep her sitting down) even if she doesn’t go.
When she did pee, I would have her follow me to the bathroom to dump the loo and wash hands. Repeat of yesterday – put the potty in the living room in front of the TV and hunker down.

ABOUT POOP: I noticed that when she needed to poop, my kid asked for her diaper and hid in a corner. We brought little baggies full of her Potty Treats to school so the teacher can help reinforce.
Knowing this, I haven't really pushed him, but more like, kindly encouraged him to use the potty, and still it backfired! As much as I want to throw a tantrum over this, I understand this is not about me-- or him messing with me--it's about a big confusing scary change for my toddler. That's why when it comes to potty training girls it is good to get a little advice in the beginning. If it is not "time" according to the routine for her to go, but she insists on going, then by all means take it.
There’s the One-Day Method, the Child-Led Method, the Potty Planner Method, and the Naked Weekend, just to name a few. Over the past few years, our family has become well-acquainted with the bathrooms and clean-up facilities in Jamaica, Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Cancun.
In airports and on car rides, I bring two or three extra sets of neutral-colored pants (black leggings or jeggings) and three sets of underwear for our three-year-old.
For road trips, a portable potty could mean the difference between a quick potty stop and a wet car seat. We own a washable pad that fits in the car seat and absorbs liquid, but there’s debate as to if this after-market product compromises the safety of the seat. Last year we flew from Indiana to Spokane, Washington in a six-seater plane with no bathroom.
If your little one is afraid of the automatic flushing toilet (and, really, aren’t we all a little bit afraid of automatic toilet flushes?), you can keep the sensor from triggering a flush by covering it with a post-it note or removable tape.
If you're local and you're a mom (or have awesome and relevant information for local moms), we'd love to hear your ideas!
But then again, I was foolish enough to think he would be out of diapers by is second birthday. I know it's not a direct slap in the face, but it's a little annoying since he KNOWS it's coming, yet still refuses to use the toilet. But if you don’t feel like doing a whole load of laundry on vacation, bring enough soap to help you wash little clothes in the bath tub.
The alternative that’s recommended is an inexpensive, disposable, absorbent puppy pad.
Luckily, we have a daycare that is OK with accidents and was supportive of the whole process. The wild-child is now two years and eight months old, and coincidentally, I feel like we are two years and eight months from him being potty trained.

To add insult to injury, when I ask him why he hides, or why he won't use the potty, I get a blank stare. To say that my child is strong-willed would be an understatement.We first attempted potty training in April 2012 when Vivian, now age three, started showing interest and awareness in the toilet. A big, big thank you to CVS for sponsoring this post, providing us with a sample of their disposable training pants, and motivating me to share our potty training tips! There was a regression when a substitute kept putting her in PullUps, and the management backed me up and we were back to business in no time! Even though I tell him not to worry, and that I love him, inside I am screaming, SHIT IN THE POTTY KID! If these charts are so great, maybe letting Ollie be a part of it's creation will really make the thing work. But after about a week, the novelty wore off and she realized that pull-ups are really no different than diapers.
And then we experienced the dreaded regression.This continued throughout the summer, interspersed with periods of potty usage that dashed our hopes but ultimately proved inconsequential. I tried, at times, to shift gears and use the Potty Planner Method, guiding her to the bathroom at intervals like she practices at pre-school. But this approach lay in direct contrast to her powerful sense of autonomy; she was John Locke to my Jack Shepherd, raging, “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do!”I knew she knew how and when to use the potty, but was nevertheless hesitant to issue the full-court press and simply stick her in underwear. One great thing about CVS training pants is that they have refastenable sides with enough stretch to make a great fit. We had tried that once, and the memory of Vivian’s stricken face as she realized too late that she had to go still haunted me. This makes training pants easier for parents and more appealing to older toddlers who think diapers are for babies.
And so one Sunday evening in late September, when I found myself changing yet another pair of wet pull-ups, I asked Vivian the one question that had been occupying my thoughts for months.“Sweetie, if you know how to go pee-pee in the potty, then why do you keep using your pull-ups?”She in turn fixed me with an unflappable gaze and replied, “Because I can.”Oh, no she di-ent! I will see your apathy and your stubbornness and raise you one pair of non-absorbent underwear!Instead, I simply looked at my husband and said, “Okay, then. And would you like to know what happened next?The child went on to pee in the potty five times before bedtime.
Five times in a three-hour period.Two weeks – and, surprisingly, only a handful of accidents later – she was fully potty trained. The working mom of a sassy "threenager," her blog What She Said offers up an irreverent blend of family, life, and humor - because if she didn't laugh, she'd cry.

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