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There couldn’t be a better time to buy a folding potty seat because if you like our facebook page today, you will receive a 15% off coupon! Give your little princess the cushy potty seat she deserves with the Disney Princess Potty Seat.
The Disney Princess Soft Potty Seat is one of a number of different potty training products including our Disney Princess 3-in-1 Potty Trainer, Disney Princess Folding Potty Seat, and Disney Princess Petite Potty.
Make potty training something new and exciting for your daughter by providing her with something that will help her feel more at ease. If you did not want to buy a toilet seat with the cushy soft seats, then this is just the seat for you! If you wanted to accent your bathroom with a little bit of the ocean and you didn't want one of those cushy soft seats, then this is the seat for you!

This Decorative Toilet Seat Sea Shell Design is well-made and sturdy enough for the busiest bathroom in the house!
This section is for the child who has either outgrown the potty chair or is ready to sit on the adult potty, but may still be too small to fit comfortably on a regular size toilet. For these kids, we carry several varieties of potty seats.
From a playful Dora the Explorer potty seat to a thrilling Spider Man potty seat, Ginsey has a soft, cushy potty seat that will make any child’s bathroom experience better. If you looking for a toilet seat that is different in style from this one please check out our Flip Potty Seats.
However, if you were looking for a toilet seat with a completely different style, check out all of our Potty Seats! It is made of clear poly-resin material and decorated with exquisite ocean life seashells, seaweed, starfish and even a seahorse.

Some of these come with side handles which give the child an added sense of security. Flip Potty Seats- These will replace the current toilet seat. They have a lid and then a seat with a smaller opening that flips up leaving a seat large enough for an adult. When the child needs to go, they just put the other seat back down to making it just their size again. Portable Potty Seats- They fit snugly on top of the toilet, making the seat the right size for the child. They are very light weight, making them convenient to move from place to place, wherever you might go. Disposable Toilet Seat Covers- They help ease the worry of using a public bathroom and wondering if it is clean or not.

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