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Pin ItThe list of supplies you’ll need for potty training toddlers is much the same as if you were to potty train a 2 or 3 year old.
Fill a couple of baskets or plastic tubs with cleaning supplies and put these in easy to reach (but out of a child’s reach) locations throughout the house. In the spirit of keeping early potty training easy, I recommend not using a child’s potty that you have to clean after each use. Also, for girls, it doesn’t matter much what type of potty seat you buy, but for boys it does matter. You will want some disposable training pants for nighttime and for when you leave the house, at least until you are confident that your child is fully potty trained. When potty training you do still need to carry a supply bag everywhere you go filled with much of the same items. One-year-olds can benefit from looking at potty training books with you while sitting on the potty and at other times of the day.
This 2-Tier Un-Iced Potty Training cake comes with about 20 Pampers Easy-Ups, 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 package of Kandoo refill wipes, 3 pairs of underwear and 2 sets of bows. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. In these, place rags (such as old receiving blankets), paper towels, cleaning wipes, and a spray cleaner.

Using a potty seat that fits onto the toilet is much less work than cleaning a child’s potty after each use. However, if your child becomes afraid of sitting on the tall toilet, you may need the child’s potty. For boys, buy a potty seat with an appropriately placed splash guard since it’s best to have boys potty training early sit on the potty. As far as I can find, diaper manufacturers are not making disposable training pants in anything smaller than a size 2T. These include wipes to wipe down toilet seats, a change of clothes, and extra training pants. However, what you also want to think about is the fact that you may be , in the beginning, spending 10 to 20 minutes in the bathroom each time your child uses the potty.
These are toys that she can only play with while sitting on the potty which should help promote the potty as someplace special and fun. For some kids, it takes time to relax and “go.” Stock the bathroom with not only children’s books but some for yourself as well. Therefore, you’ll only find to most popular potty training supplies in stores, and usually in sizes made for 3-year-olds.
If your child is using the potty at least some of the time, you can carry one or two spare training pants rather than 10 extra diapers.

Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need and some tips for finding certain items for your smaller sized potty trainer. I’ve also seen many other children also potty train just fine with a potty seat the fits on the toilet.
Some options are to resort to diapers that fit properly or use cloth training pants with a plastic outer coating. Since your young potty trainer probably needs a smaller size, you’ll need to shop online. Some fold up smaller than others such as Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler for easy carrying in the diaper bag.
Babies easily soil their diaper while sitting in a high chair or car seat with their feet no where near the floor.

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