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For many new parents, the idea of potty training their young son can seem like a really stressful task. Potty training should begin when children are both emotionally and physically ready, according to WebMD. A good sign that your child is physically ready to start potty training is when they show signs of bladder control. Teaching your child to use the toilet in increments is the best way to build what will become a lifelong habit. Perhaps more than anything else, positive reinforcement is important when teaching your child to use the toilet like a grown up. Nearly two years ago, I decided to try to potty train my oldest daughter, Ginny, who had just turned two.
For those of you going through the same thing, I thought I'd share some tips on surviving potty training with a stubborn-as-hell toddler. For most boys, that’s going to be around the 22 to 30 month, though some children may be ready earlier, while others may need additional time.
Examples include wanting to use the bathroom at the same times during the day, not having bowel movements or accidents at night and after napping or sleeping for at least two hours.

That means putting your child on the toilet every 15 to 20 minutes, several different times, in the morning and afternoon hours. You don’t want your child to feel like they’re doing something wrong if they don’t learn right away or still have accidents after you think they fully understand the concept of using the bathroom on their own.
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If you have a friend whose child magically potty trained themselves in a matter of days, avoid any potty training conversation with them. While it might take some persistence on your end, potty training can actually be relatively easy.
Of course, your child will also need to have full control of their motor skills to begin potty training.
An all-day session after a few shorter sessions can help boys who are having difficulty with potty training make strides in the right direction.

For many children, negative comments or body language can actually slow the learning process down and damage self-esteem. I'm not sure what magically happened on that day, but she started using the potty and got excited every time she succeeded.
Read it, then burn the damn thing when you realize your child doesn't want to do as suggested. Some parents even manage to potty train their kids in just a few short weeks, though it could take a little longer for some kids. Instead, she would hide in her closet at night, once her Pull Ups were back on, to do the deed.
It seems that once she realized that her friends did both things on the potty, she decided to do it as well.

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