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And, the good news is that if you have an older dog that needs a little help in this area, that is no problem at all, even old dogs can learn a few new tricks!
You wouldn’t bring a baby home from the hospital and expect no dirty diapers and you wouldn’t smack your toddler in the face for having a bad day or an accident or two. If you expect it, you won’t be surprised or livid when it happens and you will be prepared to deal with it appropriately! If you throw a fit and scare your puppy he associates YOU with something bad, not having an accident or going potty in the house. From your puppy’s point of view… he has to go potty (right?) so he doesn’t understand why you get so upset at something that is so natural for him to do and something he needs to do.
This is why so many dogs sneak out of the room to urinate or defecate, not because they are ashamed or they know it is wrong to potty inside… it is because they have been taught not to go potty in front of you (which makes this process so much harder!). Crates are not devices of torture, they are tools to help you with potty training and other things (like keeping your puppy from eating things he shouldn’t). You need your puppy to be comfortable going potty in front of you so that you can learn his schedule. Pick a certain place outside in your yard and be sure to take your puppy to it each time you take him outside! It doesn’t matter if it is 100 degrees or 10 below zero; raining or snowing, if you don’t go outside and monitor your puppy you will not know if or when he is going potty outside which means he is likely to come back inside and go potty. Puppies would much rather play with leaves and bugs than go potty, if you aren’t there to see that you won’t know your pup needs to go back into his crate and come out again 5-10 minutes later!
If you leave him outside for an extended period of time, chances are when you bring him back in he will need to go outside again soon or have an accident.
Give him naps in his crate regularly at the same time so your pup gets use to a routine and gets into a habit. Take him outside and play with and train him on a schedule so he gets the attention he needs. I recommend an inside tether (never leave him alone on a tether) and keeping him with you on a leash if you need to at all times!
You would never leave your baby crawling around with open outlets and dangerous things to chew on why would you leave a puppy? Sure, accidents happen but if you make it your goal to ensure his success you will both be happy in a short amount of time! I have to be completely honest and say that potty training is my least favorite aspect of motherhood.
Following the demonstration, I offer small treats {an M&M or other such candy} for each small accomplishment, such as sitting on the potty, etc.
So far, I’ve potty trained three girls, so my advice can only go so far when applied to boys. About Latest Posts katbiggieFreelance writer at Kat Biggie PressAlexa B, who blogs as "Kat Biggie" is a wife, mother, and writer. Alexa (Kat) BiggieNo Holding BackI am a wife, a mother, a writer, a blogger at No Holding Back. I know people who avoid getting puppies just to skip this process, and in some ways I totally understand that!

Some puppies are very proficient when they are very young and some puppies take longer to gain this control and understanding. By yelling you are teaching him to avoid going potty “in front of you” you are not potty training him!
People who bring their puppies straight home and allow complete access to the house, have the most trouble with potty training.
Potty training is all about you and it is your responsibility when he is young to help him be successful. I find it stressful that each child is so different and you never really know what you’re doing! When potty training begins, we start off with a complete demonstration {after sending the other siblings off for a morning at grandma’s house or something and turning off the television and all other distractions}. We figured that the best way to teach them to wake up was to let them wet their beds a couple of times.
She was ready to start trying to sit on the littlepotty from about 18 months, but she didn’t really do anything.
Don’t go crazy praising him, or he is liable to stop, just calmly let him know that he is good! It also means that he won’t be chewing on items he shouldn’t or getting into other trouble. Get him outside about every two hours, monitor him outside and when he is inside and be diligent! At that point, I had tried everything and we were successful only 50% of the time which made things more stressful. With that being said, I do have to admit that the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is unbeatable, and it always seems to draw my littles and I closer together. With my son, I knew that something much more motivating would be needed since he never seemed to mind his diapers and didn’t really see the need to stop wearing them. I suppose it might be coincidence, but both of our kids {starting two days to one week after potty-training began} have always woken up to use the bathroom in the night. I would occasionally ask him when I was getting him dressed or before a bath, if he needed to go to the bathroom and encouraged him to use his potty. She will be two in May so I won’t start working with her until early Summer, unless she begins to show more interest before then! My pediatrician lives by this statement in reference to deciding when to potty train, however, I’m not a fan a waiting (as she implies). She recently self published a book entitled "Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother" which is available on Amazon.
The 3 day Potty Training Method, is where you spend 3 days at home with your child in big girl or big boy pants. For him we made this potty train, with a promise of a visit to Jumpstreet when the train reached the end {i.e. About the 3rd time of trying, I could tell immediately that this would be the successful time. If youhaven’t heard of this concept, you take 3 days and let them run around with noclothes on (or just underwear) and let their body teach itself what it feelslike before you have to go.

I prefer to potty train my kids as soon as I think their bladder and their other potty-related abilities are ready. I think in the beginning of potty training, pull-ups at nighttime or if you have to go on a road trip are okay, and definitely better than a big mess. She blogs about life after the loss of one of her twin daughters to TTTS, motherhood, all things parenting, advocacy, grief support and social good. I also do copywriting and editing for other blogs and publications.I am experienced in self publishing, social media management, blog set up and design, copywriting and editing, and marketing. Instead of being stressed out and frustrated for months, we simply set it aside and tried again at a later date. For 3 days I chased her around, cleaning upaccidents, and I thought for sure it was not working. As time went on, he would start using it in the mornings, running in and waking me up and telling him he used his potty!
Although it is not actually much fun for the mom, it is an exciting stage of life and a successfully potty trained child is something for both mom and little to be SO proud of! But before round 2 started, I spoke with a grandmother who had potty trained all of her children and grandchildren. One thing I definitely recommend is getting a plastic cover for the child’s mattress. She told me the her secret to success was letting the kids put a drop or two of their choice of food coloring in the toilet bowl AFTER they did their business.
I started a potty chart with him and let him pick out his favorite stickers from the store.
Then they had the pleasure of flushing and watching the water turn the color THEY picked out. Avoiding the dependency a child can quickly learn from using pull-ups is essential in expediting the success of your potty training. I know all kids are different, but in our family, once we took that option out of the equation…it just worked.
If he went potty consistently for 4 days ( I don’t actually remember how many days I used with him, I’m old I know! I am hoping by using the 3 day method sooner and waiting for Alice to be more developmentally mature, potty training will be more succesful this time around. I don’t know whether it really made a difference, but I taught him to pee sitting down on the toilet instead of standing up.
Making a big deal, getting upset or being negative pushes the child further away from accomplishing the goal, rather than striving to work towards it.

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