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Hudson caught on so well that by the end of week two he was using the big boy potty, peeing behind trees, and even attempting to pee like a big boy standing up (without a stool!). Ellisa had moments when I wanted to give up, and other moments when I thought, by george she’s got it! We started our vacation on a Saturday and I was hoping they would both be doing well enough that we could try our vacation without diapers during the day.
When we got to our rental, I showed them their new potty (the toilet) and explained that we always go potty in the toilet.
Hudson has had a couple of moments peeing by a tree (which I really don’t discourage) and a poo on a sidewalk outside our complex while playing naked.
We are still rewarding for using the potty with jelly beans and they are still naked in our house all the time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the cojones to put them in their car seats for 10+ hours for two days straight while driving without diapers.
For the most part, they were excited about going in a new potty and did really well when we were there.
They never really went through being scared of the toilet or refusing to use it (very minor episodes that I think we mostly against going potty in general-not the toilet). Everyone goes to the potty when they need to and Ellisa is getting much better at understanding that even if she doesn’t have to go, she still can go a little.
It was super embarrassing and I hope me making a big deal about it will nip that in the bud (Again, I didn’t scold. Maybe they are just too old to be scared, or maybe the books we read them about going potty helped, but this was never an issue.

I think the best advice I can give is 1) set your expectations low (I did especially for twins!) and 2) WAIT until they are ready!!! Of course, they were still getting jelly beans all along the way so that incentive definitely helped. Afterwards, we explained very nicely that it’s much more pleasant for everyone if she goes in the toilet like everyone else.

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