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The padded potty training pants by Potty Patty are designed to fit loosely so that they can be pulled on and off by the toddler, without adult help. Completely stop changing diapers at 18-30+ months in 7 days*…gently but firmly, without rewards, gimmicks, or M&Ms. About the Book & Bonus MaterialsThe Tiny Potty Training Book is a filtered compilation of all the best potty training instruction out there, plus non-coercive wisdom from my experience teaching infant potty training for the past 5 years.
I send all my EC readers to The Tiny Potty Training Book either to achieve EC graduation (completion), if their kiddos are over my 0-18 month range for doing Elimination Communication, or if they have older kids that are still in diapers and a baby they want to EC.I’ve had so many people ask me for a good non-coercive resource for potty training, an alternative to the dreaded toddler toilet training, over the years…that I’ve finally made it.
Buy the BookJust the introductory potty training class at most natural parenting centers usually costs about $35 for 2 hours…and what are diapers going to cost? Buy The Tiny Potty Training Book and start reading todayJust the introductory potty training class at most natural parenting centers usually costs about $35 for 2 hours…and what are diapers going to cost? Start today with my potty training bookJust the introductory potty training class at most natural parenting centers usually costs about $35 for 2 hours…and what are diapers going to cost? Not only does this increase the chance of getting to the potty on time, but it also makes whole process much more independent, which is the goal of independent potty training.

It’s everything that is out there on potty training, minus the BS, fluff, coercive, and bribe-y stuff…written in a manner that’s encouraging, gentle, and straight-forward.With flowcharts, of course, just like my infant potty training book! Here's a sample.I wanted you to have an interactive set of tools to learn potty training quickly and easily.
She has spent the last several years working with 1000’s of parents, one-on-one, to solve the biggest EC challenges and make the practice of pottying their babies efficient, effective, and most of all…enjoyable. They have an absorbent center panel that contains the accidents, but will make your toddler uncomfortable and therefore increase her awareness of her excretory function, especially when compared to diapers and pull-ups. The cost for the Tiny Potty Training Book Digital Book + Bonuses Package is now only $87 $27. Because I purposefully do not offer a paperback book, you can’t flip through it at a bookstore. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and is endorsed by DiaperFreeBaby.org…and is newly a mother of 3.
The sooner you can start potty training your child, the better.I know first-hand how difficult it is to be pregnant, have a newborn, or just to be living your life, day to day.

And some very old fishies. If you have any more questions about the book, please shoot me an email. That said…I would not put off starting potty training…being done makes the few days of up-front work worth it. I’m happy to personally reply!Thanks for taking the time to read this info on potty training your toddler. This kind of potty training does work.However, if you don’t decide on a solid starting point and put a tiny bit of effort into it in the beginning (3-7 solid days), just like learning to breastfeed together, potty training might not work so well, and you probably won’t want to finish it up.

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