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Potty training the yorkshire terrier, Free yorkie report home barking breed standard history nipping & biting potty training.
Yorkshire terrier training: learn all about training, Hi, fellow yorkshire terrier lovers, i am nancy richards. How to potty train a yorkie puppy - yorkie house training, How to potty train a yorkie puppy - yorkie house training tips - housebreaking yorkie puppies fast & easy.
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When you notice any pre-elimination behaviors while you are inside, tell your pup, “let’s go potty”, pick up your puppy and carry him outside to the desired location.
I know some very reliable sources instruct owners to kindly interrupt their untrained puppy (if they catch him in the act) and then take him outside.
The suggestions include actions such as softly clapping your hands, saying “ehh ehh”, shaking a can with pennies, or even tossing a magazine or keys on the floor beside the pup.
If your pup is confident and playful, he might respond to interrupters as Bentley did –gleeful fleeing while peeing!  Yikes!

Whenever liquids are spilled on carpet, the carpet pad acts as a sponge and soaks up the liquid.
The urine is spread over a larger area in the pad than is indicated by looking at the carpet. If you have “pet proof” padding installed under your carpet, the affected area underneath the carpet will be even larger. If you don’t have any cleanser, use a solution of 1 part distilled, white vinegar to 4 parts water. Before you hire a carpet cleaning service, verify that they use an odor neutralizer with enzymes. If the smell is set into the flooring, your dog will always be drawn to eliminate in that area.
If people are instructed to use some sort of mild interrupter to reduce behaviors, what will their next choice be when the interrupter fails to reduce the behavior?  I know what their choice will be because I am no different. At best, interrupters will stop the dog in the act and you’ll have a smaller area to clean. No matter how careful you are, there will be occasions when your pup piddles and poops on your floor.

Just remember, if it happens frequently, you should review this guide and make changes that will reduce your pup’s opportunities to eliminate inside.
Pet proof padding has a plastic coating on top to prevent liquids from seeping into the pad. It’s impossible to remove urine odors from concrete and other non-sealed, porous flooring materials.
My next choice would be stronger interrupters – which will certainly hamper the house training process.
At worst, interrupters will teach your dog to fear you and to hide from you when he eliminates”.
This causes the urine to spread underneath the carpet until it is absorbed by the carpet backing, instead of the pad.  Treat a much larger area than is indicated by the wetness of the carpet fibers.
If you have any permanently-soiled areas, you may need to deny your dog unsupervised access to that area forever.

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