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Angela met guide dogs and their blind and partially sighted owners, puppy walkers and their trainers and organisers of the hugely popular charity Guide Dogs at a special event in Parliament.
One of their main concerns was the need for more talking buses so that they can hear which bus stop is next and the destination of the route. Angela said "It was interesting to hear about puppy training and the strong bond that develops between dogs and their owners. Promoted by Pat Clark on behalf of Angela Watkinson, both of 23 Butts Green Road, Hornchurch, RM11 2JS. It made me realise how lucky we are in Havering as audio visual announcements are made on our buses, which I use regularly. Click here to manage your cookie preferences.If you continue to access this website without changing your preferences, we will consider that you consent to the use of cookies as set out here.
Such a simple service makes all the difference to a blind person in being able to travel independently and with confidence.

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