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When I was expecting my second child, I read somewhere that it would be useful to have a basket of toys near your nursing chair – so that the older child had some special things to play with while you were busy feeding the new baby. Since then, I have made various versions of a Quiet Time Basket and modified it to suit our current phase of life.
I exchange the items in the basket every few months, to keep it fresh and to accommodate the boys’ current interests.
I was gifted these adorable Eye Spy Bags from Sweet Elephants, a gorgeous online shop with quality toys for children.
I love this idea and am going to put a basket like this together for my little one who is currently fighting nap times.
Oh I totally forgot that I also used the Quiet Basket concept when my oldest was dropping his nap!
I think this would also be great to chuck in the car, or for when the kids have to wait at an appointment or somewhere!

I got that book at a second hand shop Kate and haven’t seen them elsewhere, although I have never done a search online!
Hello friends ~ I am a mother of three and author passionate about sharing ways parents can grow alongside their little ones. Share724 Pin5 Tweet EmailShares 729Let’s just preface all of this by saying, I LOVE MY KIDS. We’ve talked to real moms and rounded up your favorite products and toys (in no particular order) to promote quiet time and independent learning! I love spending time with them and engaging in interactive lesson, games and conversations.
These are tried and true products that our kids ACTUALLY sit and quietly play, with minimal clean up!
Reusable Sticker Books  – Everyone loves a good sticker, and these are great because they are reusable.

Pattern Blocks – ALL my kids, ranging in age from 1 to school age love this toy for different reasons. Diffuse a little Lavender oil, put on a little Yanni, and you have the ultimate quiet and relaxation time for everyone! It is, essentially, magnetic sand and has about the coolest consistency you’ve ever felt. I do recommend you purchase the little platter that comes with some kits as it helps to contain the sand.

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