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Amazon is a great place to find books at your child’s just right level.  They have a large selection of beginning reader books! The aim is for the Reading Recovery student  to learn a variety of strategic actions (ways of working out words and meaning). One of our new Reading Recovery goal strips is  ‘Slow check the word as if it is in boxes’.
During the writing component of the lesson, the student has been shown how to match sounds to (probable) letters through the use of sound boxes.
During reading, this knowledge of sound boxes can be used to match  letters to  (probable) sounds to solve a word.
In this video from Oxford Owl Julia Donaldson, the author of The Gruffalo, talks about some simple and fun ways you can share stories with your children. Children’s reading experts agree that reading aloud is the easiest and most effective way to turn children into lifelong readers. A child whose day includes listening to rhyming stories, funny stories and rhythmic stories is more likely to grow up loving books.
Vary what you read, returning to old favourites, and introducing your children to new stories. The goal is placed on the outside of the personal reading box on the student’s classroom table. Click on the photo to view an example of the Cut Up Sentence Component of Reading Recovery.
If you have read a previous post relating to Familiar Reading you will know that students have their own boxes of books for Reading Recovery.

When books are reread the meaning is already known and more effort can go into looking at the print.
The purpose of the book coming home is an opportunity for the child to read to family members and to practise and ‘show off’ the new skills.
From the beginning of Reading Recovery, we want the students to  cross check what they are reading which requires them to constantly think and check. Students need to be able to ask themselves if their reading looks right, sounds right and makes sense in order for them to know when it is necessary to pause and fix up the errors, instead of just continuing to read.
St Albans East PSWelcomeThis is the Reading Recovery blog for St Albans East Primary School. For more information about Children’s Choice and Young Adult’s Choice Awards, visit the International Reading Association’s Booklists page.
Every day 2 or 3 familiar books are read to give the student the chance to be phrased and fluent (sound like a good reader). Each time the student rereads a book there is an opportunity to notice something that has never been noticed before, e.g. It should sound quite easy, but it may still have some opportunities for the child to notice any errors that have been made, and use known ways of rereading and fixing the errors. If it does not sound right, we usually go back and look at the words again to try to fix the problem.
If l read Have is a dog instead of Here is a dog then it will not SOUND right because that is not the way we would say it.
If l read The duck is eating a bone instead of The dog is eating a bone then it will not MAKE SENSE, especially if the picture has a dog and no duck.

Children can be reading along with e-books, and most children enjoy using the computer to play online games which often have written directions. It provides information about Reading Recovery, and tips for helping children to read and write at home. When a new goal is given, the past goal will be placed at the back of the Homework Pasting  Book.
The teacher cuts some of his words into parts because he is learning how to ‘take words apart’ and ‘put words together’, like we do as we are reading and writing.
The child should be praised for sounding better than before, fixing errors, and trying more than one way of solving words. If a book was chosen that was too hard, it would not encourage a desire to keep trying, and coming to Reading Recovery. For this second reading we will probably look more carefully at the letters within the words, and change the words for ones that would look right AND make sense. Technology, including X-Box  and Play Station, puzzles, comic books and board games all provide fun opportunities for reading practice. After the sentence is written in the writing book, the teacher quickly copies it onto a strip of card.
Usually there is only a little prompting required to remember how the sentence began, or to recall a particular word, or to remember the exact structure, e.g.

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