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Notesy for Dropbox is a note-taking app that lets users type up plain text notes that can be synced to a Dropbox account. Review disclosure: note that the product reviewed on this page may have been provided to us by the developer for the purposes of this review. 148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ventures that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. However, if I need to start writing something on one device, and then finish it on another, I'm out of luck. Note that if the developer provides the product or not, this does not impact the review or score. I often just start off writing drafts of my reviews and articles in a plain-text editor on my netbook, as I will usually end up putting the finishing touches when I submit from there.

However, I'd like to use my iPad for writing more - I can set up a screen, plug in a USB keyboard, and be free of distractions, thanks to iOS being more of a single-focus OS than my Windows computer, where I have more windows open than I know what to do with.
I could just use the Notes app in iOS, which syncs up to my email accounts, but accessing them from my computer is clunky, so I rarely ever do it. What I want is a nice plain-text editor that would sync up to Dropbox, so I could type out notes on my iPad, or even my iPod touch, save them as TXT files, and access them from wherever I have Dropbox access.
Notesy does just that. Notesy succeeds in being a simple plaintext editor with Dropbox syncing. You can easily type up paragraphs upon paragraphs of plain text into the app, and it gets saved to your indicated Notesy folder. Files are saved in the format of .txt, although you can change the file extension if you want.

There are a variety of advanced options for users who need them, including an option to view your file in a fixed width font. What is most helpful for a writer like me is the word count tool, so you can keep up with how many words are in your text at any time with a tap of the "i" in the toolbar. The problem with Notesy is that it is largely limited to your Notesy notes.

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