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Maybe my seven-month-old just has crazy potent pee, but the ammonia smell emanating from her cloth diaper in the mornings could fell a moose.
Could switching to a wool cover instead of the waterproof Flips help, do you think (if so, any recommendations? Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty. Sign up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy!
My daughter is an epic night wetter, plus she has eczema, so I do a cotton fitted with a flip insert (bc the cotton burns her skin and the flip microfiber wicks) and a wool cover. We battled the same issue this summer, only with our daughter (our son is mostly potty trained), but her diapers were AWFUL only after nighttime. My kids have crazy sensitive skin, so I’ve been on a quest to have the most stripped-down diapers possible without having to let stuff build up and then actually strip them every few weeks. I loved Charlie’s until we moved to Utah, away from our beautiful water softener, and into extreme hard water central. A simple solution I just read about a tried the other day was just to dunk the morning diaper in the toilet to rinse off all that extra ammonia pee smell. Also, the washing regimen that was recommended to me and seems to work great (especially where combatting stink is concerned) is HOT water pre-wash, hot water wash with Tide, and then a 2nd rinse. I have read over Amy’s past posts about how much she LOVES cloth diapers and they have almost converted me. Extending the tapes on baby diapers is an age-old mod that many people here have discovered independently.
Lay the cover so that the landing zone is face-down, and the ends of the tapes are face-up. Fold the landing zone end of the cover in so that the landing zone is aligned with the tapes. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. We've done that to our oldest (before seeing this of course!) and it only worked for a short period of time. Our typical nighttime diaper is a Knickernappies SuperDo insert wrapped in a piece of suedecloth, inside a Flip cover.
The odor COULD be a urinary tract or bladder infection, and while most babies will cry and run fevers when they have one, some do manage to harbor low-grade infections without any other symptoms for quite some time. I’ve learned the hard way that the BIG downside to all the space-age synthetic fabrics like microfiber, fleece, suedecloth, etc. As Amalah said (and your letter said), the Internets are full of advice … and none of it worked for us.

I had no idea, and I too shudder at the thought of all those chemicals, but Charlie’s soap gave them an actual burn, and vinegar made it worse if possible, and I hate wasting all the water of washing without soap again and again and again (and then it would only work for one! We have very mineral water and had problems with morning diaper stink, too (although we have, thanks to wonderful Karen at Green Mountain Diapers, always only used cotton and hemp under PUL covers).
My friend Miranda recently left her job to stay at home with her son, and her husband is a full time student. One of the services in my area (which we don’t use regularly since I wash my diapers at home usually) will pick up the diapers and give them a super thorough cleaning and stripping, then deliver them to our house again. I am due in May 2012 and am trying to make up my mind before spending the money only to find out that I made a mistake. I just started rinsing the inserts in the sink with every changing in cold water takes a minute no biggy.
Any number of methods for doing this have been posted on ADISC, and while I don't do it often myself, I have found the following method to work quite nicely. Ordinarily, when removing the cover of a Pampers diaper, one needs to be concerned about leaving the tapes and the landing zone attached to the diaper. NOTE: I recommend stapling from the back, behind the landing zone (as seen below), so that the pointy sides of the staples won't be against your skin.
That is, apply them first to the landing zone on the front of the diaper you want to put on. Content from this site may not be reproduced anywhere else without the advance written permission of the webmaster, or author.
She tiny and lanky and has managed to get one arm out, then twist and wiggle until she can reach the button and zipper in the back!
Once in a while I’ll switch it up and do a hemp insert and a microfiber insert (wrapped together in suedecloth), or a tri-folded prefold under a Grovia fleece booster (no suedecloth because those boosters are great for wicking away moisture), but the SuperDo is our standard. So frustrating, because it never seems to be caused by the same thing, and everybody ends up swearing by a different solution. Or is that just when it’s the WORST, but you are smelling it at least a little bit every time she pees?
Basically, divide the current amount of soap you use, and put some in on the cold wash, and some on the hot wash. I will try out the wool covers and all-natural fibers inside and hope it helps — if it does, I’ll report back! In fact, I was told if a cold water pre-wash was your only option, you are better off skipping it.
I fell on this recent post from Amy and now wonder if buying cloth diapers is a complete mistake (due to the comment about donating the entire lot to craigslist). What's more, the end result is reusable, and the process is relatively tidy, as it does not involve cutting into diaper cores and scattering SAP beads everywhere.

Bring the front of the diaper up between your legs, then fasten the tapes to the extenders to complete the process. I tried it but it didn't seem to be going right, so I quit before I ever got the cover removed. I have not tried any of the brand-name, commercially-produced wool covers, but instead spent some time searching around on Etsy for handmade ones at lower prices. Most agree that babies should not get ANY additional water before six months, but after that things get a little murky.
Otherwise you can try more washes with the HOTTEST water possible, more detergent, or try using the bleach again.
We’ll switch back to green something or other when this box is gone and pray for the best — especially cause we have a newborn coming next month!!
They really want to cloth full time but don’t have the money right now to invest in more cloth. By doing it this way, the extenders can be taped to the outer edge of the landing zone on the diaper you're going to wear, and this will better support the whole front of the diaper, which should help avoid gaps.
I used to get so frustrated when he would unzip his footies and run around naked, this would have fixed it!! If the number of choices on Etsy seems overwhelming, I’ve found Green Mountain Diapers to be a good resource for getting the real pros AND cons on different cover types and brands.
Basically every nighttime configuration you mentioned is using at least one of those fabrics.
Are you maybe actually using too little detergent so the diapers just aren’t getting clean (it’s easy to get spooked by RESIDUE HORROR STORIES and end up not using enough)?
No doubt about it, the cloth really retains stinky morning pee, and sometimes a typical wash routine can’t get it all out. The Tide (Ultra Powder) is great for getting the diapers clean, without costing a ton, but I really like how the Dropps works and the enzyme, color, additive free things, but they’re expensive for as often as I wash diapers. In the mornings, I pray it’s a poop diaper she woke up in because otherwise, I have diaper smell issues. I have a whole new container of you and you might get sent to the regular clothes laundry routine.

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