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Lets us know how many people are attending your event and we will recommend the right amount of porta john’s needed. Hand Washing Stations are very important on a job site or major event in order to keep hands clean and free from dirt or bacteria.
Generally, Long Term porta potty rentals are for Construction Sites, Job Sites, or facilities where no bathrooms are readily available. The revolutionary HEADREST portable restroom invented by CALLAHEAD looks and operates just like a home bathroom. The SAFETY HEAD is a full size portable toilet designed exclusively by CALLAHEAD to deliver a sanitary job-site porta potty as well as adding to job site safety. The contrasting colors of this portable restroom's multiple shades of grey, combined with the deep blue in our traditional CALLAHEAD sign, make the Econo-Head one of our most attractive construction portable toilets available today. This is a standard porta potty rental ideally suited for any long term construction and contracting site. This portable toilet is perfectly designed along with its extra-large holding tank for heavy usage.
The BLUE HEAD is our Royal Blue colored standard portable toilet to rent that provides portable outdoor restroom facilities to the jobsite. A porta potty that is equipped with a full sized toilet seat, covered toilet paper dispenser, and separate urinal.  The RED HEAD will be turning heads while supplying the most sanitary portable toilet available anywhere.
The recommended upgrade for all job-sites, The Job-Site Head construction portable toilet will give your site a sense of quality! The Job-Site Head portable toilet is constructed of twin sheet polyethylene panels, for extra strength. CALLAHEAD was the first company to offer a flushing construction porta potty toilet in the New York Metro area over 20 years ago. Its popularity is partially due to its closed tank, which creates less odor than basic units — thus providing a better portable toilet experience for all users.
We've taken our ever popular Jobsite Head, and added improvements to create the Contractors Head Portable Toilet!

With an excessive amount of space, this porta potty allows the user a greater range of motion.
CALLAHEAD’s CONSTRUCTION WASH AND FLUSH portable toilet allows any job site to have two units in one, eliminating the need for a separate portable toilet and sink system. Employees will appreciate not only the flushable toilet, but the ability to protect themselves from hazardous materials, as well as spreading and receiving germs while in the field. For comfort, convenience, and complete sanitation when using a portable toilet, the FULL SERVICE HEAD is the ideal choice for your job site or special event. Completely outfitted with a trash receptacle, paper towel holder, and a sink with foot-pump running water; this unit is built to handle high volume usage, and is perfect for those heavy traffic job sites and events. The Portahead 25 portable restroom has the ability to offer a home bathroom experience, including all every day bathroom essentials.
Some of the many perks of this new porta potty system include: Solid construction, porcelain toilet bowl, stainless steel sink, faucet, lights, electric outlet, paper towel and toilet paper holder as well an electric heater and more! The HEADMASTER portable restroom comes fully equipped with both an air conditioner and thermostat heater to keep the unit comfortable all year round. There is no other portable toilet in the country of its kind, and its patent pending design was created, “To Develop and Evolve a Human Necessity”, exclusively by CALLAHEAD® Corporation. We supply weddings, parties, events, businesses with high end flushing restroom trailers in and around Santa Rosa.
Though some reasons are more obvious than others, for most occasions renting a portable toilet is a really practical, cheap, and clean way to deal with your customers, guests, or employees need of restroom facilities. Give us more details on what you need, tell us what kind of equipment you're interested in renting, how many you're looking to rent, and what the rental is for.
Typically delivery of restrooms & equipment is much cheaper on weekdays or non-holiday periods. Nearly all portable toilet companies charge a minimum fee to rent a portable toilet, so regardless if you only need it for a day or a whole month the price will be around the same. If you've just rented a portable toilet long term you restroom will be serviced the following week from when it was dropped off.

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Since its inception, this small team of industry professionals is currently bringing quality entertainment to mobile platforms. Its porcelain white color presents the look and feel of sanitary portable toilet facilities. A pristine WHITE TOILET that is equipped with a full sized toilet seat and separate non-splash urinal. A standard toilet bowl, separate urinal, double toilet paper dispenser, mirror, and shelf are just some of the conveniences of our nature lover’s forest green portapotty. This construction porta potty also has an extra-large holding tank, with an 80 gallon capacity (as compared with the industry standard of 60 gallons. The Contractors Head porta potty is the largest polyethylene plastic construction portable toilet available today. Local Porta Potty makes it easier than ever to find not only the most affordable porta potties in Bakersfield, CA, but also the top rated suppliers in Bakersfield as well.
We are hard at work on our first title, announcing soon, and multipleA exciting prototypes.
The Econo-head is manufactured out of strong polyethylene plastic and is very well ventilated. Providing your employees confidence they can see from the cleanest portable toilet company in New York.
The urinal drains down the vent pipe, which prevents unwanted tank odors from venting back into the cabana and the seat is positioned at the furthest point away from the urinal and odor. The HEADREST is also completely insulated to operate in well below zero temperatures and has a fan forced built-in wall heater that is thermostat controlled for guaranteed user comfort.

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