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The anticipation of bringing a new puppy home is one of life’s most exciting moments but it’s also filled with the anticipation of the work ahead in helping the new puppy learn the rules of the house and this includes potty training. Remember that you’re not only training your puppy to go potty outside but you’re also training them to understand that outside is the only appropriate place to potty.  Your role is to help manage the situation so that they avoid accidents in the house. Basically a puppy should be always under direct supervision or in a contained location.  They should either be in their crate, in a puppy-safe playpen area, attached to you by a leash, or under direct supervision (your eyes are always on the puppy). Also get your puppy to their outdoor potty space quickly – no detours here, just a quick walk or run to go right outside.
If you keep up with this strategy you’ll have a potty-trained puppy in a relatively short time! Join Our Birthday Club!Sign up for Four Muddy Paw's Birthday or Gotcha Day Club & we'll email you a coupon for a FREE treat for your dog or a FREE cat toy for their birthday plus other special savings!

Your first impression of the diminutive Chihuahua is probably that he would be easy to train.
It is important for you understand that patience is required for any dog breed that is being potty trained. Alpha dog puppy training tips - allegro siberian huskies, Training new puppy allegro siberian huskies suggested alpha help roles the head of the family. Training tips to stop excessive barking - dog training basics, More training tips: puppy training tips whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a first time puppy parent, these tips will help you through your first few months. Dog training basics - the a-z guide for dog training, More training tips: dog training & puppy training in los angeles need a dog trainer in los angeles? Dog training and behavior blog by ahimsa dog training of, Ahimsa dog training, seattle - dog articles and ahimsa news.

This is for every day, all day until they are completely potty trained and have learned good and polite behaviors. If you keep to this schedule, your dog will easily comply as he will know what you expect of him. Well, we'll periodically we may send you notifications of new items, special offers, and other promotions that may be of interest at Four Muddy Paws™.

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