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If you answered YES to any of these 5 questions, there is a good indication that your child’s teeth, jaws and face are not growing correctly. For the jaws and teeth to grow correctly, the tongue should be positioned on the roof of the mouth. All children who have their lips apart at rest most of the time will have improperly developing jaws and crooked teeth. Additionally, nasal breathing with the lips closed posture provides for the tongue to rest on the roof of the mouth. In a mouth breathing child, the upper jaw will not have the support from the tongue because the tongue will not be properly positioned on the roof of the mouth. Anterior open bite is when the back teeth are together but there is a gap between top and bottom front teeth. If your child strains the chin muscles to bring the lips together, the lips will usually be apart all the time. If the lower lip rests behind the upper front teeth, then it will be sucked into the mouth every time a child swallows. Teenagers are moody by nature, and kids as young as eight or 10 may start acting like teens. Millions of people in the country suffer from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Sign-Up for our NewsletterDont miss out on an issue again, sign-up today and you will always be told about our latest release!
We look for causes of crooked teeth, suggest an appropriate treatment to correct problems earlier, often without the need for braces in the future.

The tongue is the driving force behind the correct development of the upper jaw and the entire face.
This is because the tongue pushes out or thrusts forward between the top front teeth on every swallow.
Parents often find themselves worrying about how they can protect their kids and keep other members of the household safe. Many kids won’t talk with their parents about the incidents or why they feel depressed, but you can look at your child closely for the signs of depression. This might include a child suddenly dropping one group of friends in favour of a new friend or a child who loves singing abruptly dropping out of choir. Though no parent wants to think that this could ever happen, it happens to thousands of kids every year. Signs of depression or an eating disorder, regression and criminal activities and other abnormal behaviours are all signs that your child needs to speak with a therapist. Abhner WangAs children settle into the new school year, there is a good chance many students will be missing the most important school supply of all–good vision!
Yuliya will see your child for an evaluation to determine if an early orthodontic treatment would be beneficial for your child to improve dental and facial development. Only when the lips are together, the tongue will be in its proper position on the roof of the mouth, and the upper jaw will grow to its optimal size and shape with adequate room for all adult teeth.
Mouth breathing has a lot of adverse effects on facial growth, overall health, academic performance, and behavior of a child. Depending on the way your child acts, you might consider meeting with a therapist to discuss the topic further.

Changes in sleep is one of the more common symptoms and can include children suffering from insomnia or sleeping more than they did before. According to Dalton Associates, a psychologist in Mississauga, criminal activity can also indicate a problem. A potty trained child might suddenly start wetting his or her bed, or an older child might shut-down and start using baby talk and playing with toys meant for a younger child. Poor body image and low self-esteem can cause kids to binge and purge, hide food around the house and obsessively count calories. If the mouth is even slightly open and lips are apart at rest, the tongue is unlikely to rest or function on the roof of the mouth.
You can also look for some warning signs that might indicate a more serious underlying issue.
Kids dealing with depression may also feel sad, spend more time locked in their rooms and make up excuses as to why they can’t go to school or hang out with friends. Criminal activity includes underage drinking, shoplifting from stores, using illegal or prescription drugs and joyriding. If you see your child squinting, it is a subconscious attempt by the brain to clear blurry vision.
The result is long, narrow faces, flat cheeks, receded chins, gummy smiles, and small, narrow jaws with lack of space for all adult teeth.

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