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Use this printable medical release form to ensure your child's medical care in the event of an emergency.
If you share legal custody with your ex, make arrangements to have the form notarized together so that you can both sign it.
Get all the latest Aussie single parent freebies, news and articles - subscribe to our mailing list! Get Breaking Single Parent News and the latest Single Mum Forum posts in your news feed everyday! Single Parents Active Kids is a non-profit organisation run by single parents for single parents and their kids. Several speakers, including Helen Cummings, author of "Blood Vows" and Dr Lesley Laing, author of the No Way to Live Report.
Do you want to write to politicians to let them know your views, but not sure how to do so? Sixth Australian International, Interdisciplinary Conference on Motherhood 2011, The University of Queensland. Join the live audience as Richard Aedy hosts a forum, including special guests for a discussion on the achievements of the past hundred years, and the challenges remaining. Justice for Children is holding a forum on changing family law to protect children and in particular whether the Shared Parenting Bill that went through parliament recently will help. Join us at the Walk Against Family Violence 2010, Thursday 25 November, at 10:30am outside AAMI Park (Olympic Blvd). Guest Speakers covering topics: Family Law, Domestic Violence, Child Support, Centrelink Participation Changes, Social Security. END OUR POVERTY FOR MOTHER'S DAY RALLY - Thursday May 6, 11am, Bourke St Mall, by the giant (empty)!

What does it mean to be a single mum?Of course, the kids are the most important thing in a single mum's life. Often, single mums come out of a divorce or defacto relationship only to find that their troubles have just begun, and find that their first step leads them towards Family Law - it's time to engage a lawyer.There are more than just Centrelink finance problems to worry about, as mentioned before, but also child custody issues.
Even so, Family Court will often still order a form of child custody named Shared Parenting. As a single parent, you're in charge of managing a lot of information about and for your kids, from visitation schedules to contact information. Ensure that your kids can receive emergency medical treatment when they're in the care of another adult. Use these parenting plan worksheets to develop your family's individualized parenting plan.
Say your child suffers a broken bone on the playground while you're at work or out of town. This is an additional step that may seem unnecessary, but having each copy notarized ensures the medical facility treating your child that it is, indeed, your signature on the form. Join the Council of Single Mothers and their Children Vic letter writing campaign.Demand the Federal Government pass the bill to make Family Law safer for women and children. Shared Parenting is a form of child custody division of time or parental responsibility between the parents. Use these free printable forms to maintain up-to-date records for every member of your family. That's why you need to print copies of this free medical release form, so you can give clear, irrefutable consent for medical treatment—even if you cannot be reached by phone, text, or email in the event that your child suffers an injury that requires medical treatment.
You don't want your child to have to wait for treatment—including pain relievers—until you can be reached.

The panel includes Professor Marie Bashir, the first woman to be appointed Governor of NSW, Hon Tanya Plibersek MP Minister for Human Services, Minister for Social Inclusion, Ann Sherry, CEO of Carnival Australia and former CEO of Westpac, New Zealand and the Bank of Melbourne, Miriam Lyons, Executive Director with the Centre for Policy Development and Kirstie Parker, editor of the Koori Mail.
If a single mother's ex husband or ex partner has been a domestic violence perpetrator, the mum may be greatly worried about child custody. Mother's often look for a good divorce lawyer to try to avoid share parenting with an abusive ex-spouse after divorce, however in many cases Shared Parenting is still the outcome after the divorce, no matter how good the divorce lawyers have been. Including an art exhibition with awards, an original songwriter night, stand-up comedy, an open seminar on mothers in the arts, and much, much more! Centrelink plays a big part of a single mother's life, mainly because this is where a large percentage of single mums get their finances from.
They worry that their kids won't be safe with their spouse, who has already proven to be abusive because they caused domestic violence, which resulted in a divorce or separation. They will often settle for visitation at a contact centre or access centre where fathers or mothers are supervised during child custody access. Centrelink are the source from where the single mother pension, or as it is otherwise known, the single parent payment comes from. Be sure to include your ex's contact information, if he or she shares custody or parenting responsibilities. You should plan to keep one at home (on the refrigerator for easy access in an emergency), store one in your child's backpack, and give one to every adult or establishment (such as a child care facility) that cares for your child.

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