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2004 Winner of the prestigious iParenting Media Award!The Solid Wood Potty Training Chair has a traditional style that your toddler will love to spend time using. Age of War 2Complete each wave by blocking the enemy's attempt to destroy your base station. Your number one gaming website is now better than ever with even more free games and cool features! It's a fun-filled game that brings a lot of excitement as you get your port-a-potty ready for take-off! But unlike any other flight games, you will basically be using a port-a-potty for your first flying mission. You'll be able to navigate throughout the skies as you attempt to land safely in the island.

You are going to do your mission and that is to protect your kingdom from the evil bathtub pirates.
New games are added daily so bookmark us now and come back often to play the best and newest games on the web. A built-in magazine rack and convenient toilet paper holder ensures everything is close at hand for a less stressful potty training experience. This solid wood chair offers easy cleaning and can be quickly converted into a regular chair when your child has mastered potty training.
The functional design of this adorable chair features a magazine rack and built-in toilet paper holder. You can only accomplish these requirements if you succeed to upgrade your potty into an aerodynamic craft that can fly without getting flushed.

In fact, you'll be excited to discover all the aircrafts that you can built out of a portable potty and you'll be thrilled to beat your own high score. Handcrafted solid wood furniture for children with classic and stylish look is manufactured in USA since 1987 with attention to quality and details. With its soft colors and solid wood construction, this Garden Collection chair offers both functionality and fun.
Known for their wide selection of products, Teamson has been providing for customers since 1997 and produces high quality items that are sure to delight you and your family.

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