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Have any other suggestions for this mom?  What do you think is going on and what might she do?  Please feel free to comment below. Granted home schooling isn’t for everyone but it is an option that I would highly recommend. Please watch every second of this video and you'll discover the parent tested and toddler-proven secrets to being free of those toddler tantrums once and for all. A toddler around age 2 who is just starting to throw toddler tantrums, and you want to understand how 'nip these in the bud' early so you don't have to deal with toddler tantrums ever again.
Your 2-3 year old toddler has been throwing tantrums on and off, but they are definitely getting worse over time. Your toddler is older, and has been throwing tantrums for months, or even years, and you have read books, exchanged comments on parenting forums, and even talked to your pediatrician or a psychologist. A few months ago you had no problems with toddler tantrums, and they seem to come out of nowhere with your preschooler. Your toddler's tantrums are worse in public situations, and you have been embarrassed, and humiliated by the demanding, out of control meltdowns in public.
If you will spend time reading this article, you will find answers that you simply can't find anywhere else. As I began my work with families and toddler, I never realized quite how challenging an uncontrollable toddler tantrum could be. But Jacob really began to teach me while his parents 'escorted' him from the car to waiting area. By the time I reached Jacob, he had over-turned chairs, pulled all the tissues out of the tissue boxes, thrown magazines across the waiting room, and was screaming at the top of his lungs. Suddently, all the clinical training, behavioral psychology and years of education vanished.
Jacob was just moving into chapter 1 of a scary an out-of-control, all-out toddler tantrum.
Jacob was just one of dozens and dozens of toddler whose parents were at their end of the rope because they couldn't handle those toddler tantrums--- who have come through my doors over the years!
But for now, let's just say that Jacob was the first of many toddler who taught me to not only appreciate the challenges of horrible toddler tantrums, but Jacob also motivated me find a rapid solution for ending those tantrums. Given my passion and desire to help toddler and families, I knew that toddler tantrums would be an ongoing challenge for me in my parent coaching and private pscyhology practice. It's likely that you don't need therapy, and your toddler doesn't need therapy, to get rid of toddler tantrums. Over the past 23+ years, I have worked with so many tearful parents upset about their toddler's behavior that I have heard stories that would send shivers up your spine. I have also interviewed families where we never left my waiting room because their toddler was throwing such an out of control, violent ugly tantrum. Later in life, with college and graduate training, my instructors and professors gave me their best information. This idea alone transformed my approach from one of fear and prevention, to one of understanding how important it is to teach through the experiences of the toddler. Since it was clear that the typical strategies didn't work to stop tantrums, I really didn't have to search far for this part of the answer. And while the details of every lesson learned about toddler behavior are not important here, there is one very critical lesson you will need to master. Based on my training, and every instinct that was normal, I had worked with my clients to give them tools to prevent toddler tantrums.
Because I was so afraid of these toddler tantrums in my waiting area and office, and I understood how embarrassing and exhausting these tantrums were for all of the parents I work with, I had always understood their fear and responded to it in a fearful way.
But then when I realized that running from the tantrums simply empowered the 'tantrum' to have more control of the home, my whole approach began to change.
Within just a matter of weeks, I discovered a group of simple step-by-step changes that quickly and easily eliminated the worst of tantrums. These simple, but yet hignly advanced distinctions that I discovered, allowed me to teach more and more quickly. I used to teach parents this formula over the course of two months, and the tantrums quickly faded in a consistent manner.
And the more I tested what steps I could eliminate, the more I was able to get rid of the unnecessary steps, and create the ultimate Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide. Of course I was able to work with them over the telephone, and the formula continued to work perfectly. But about this time I discovered the internet, and realized that I could offer my Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week to anyone, anywhere in the world. My proven, 100% guaranteed course that will quickly and easily stop your toddler's toddler tantrums in 3-7 days flat. This is a dream that I never thought would come true, and probably couldn't have come true before the internet. I feel certain this course will save you all of the frustration, the pain, the worries and the embarrassment of dealing with another week of toddler tantrums. How to handle violent tantrums, meltdown tantrums, foot-stomping tantrums, crying tantrums, and the destroy-everything-in-sight tantrums!
How to explain to your toddler what you will do when you're in a public situation, and then The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide tells you exactly what to do.
While I'm in the process of closing my practice, I still consult with a limited number of parents.
At $200 per session, these parents invest approximately $1,200 to get the same information that you're getting in this guide book. Of course, I'm able to hold their hand a little bit, and help them feel secure along the way.
The Ultimate Trouble Shooter was created from the feedback offered by parents over the first five years that I offered The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide.
I've included The Ultimate Trouble Shooter guide --- not because you'll necessarily need it, but it's there just in case. After you complete the Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, you may find that you have a question or two that applies to your situation. Over the years, I've written dozens and dozens of articles for magazine, newspapers, and for the internet. Many times, when children lack confidence, they abandon they work efforts before putting forth their best effort. These types of traits often show up in sports, at home with siblings, and in the classroom. In my copy written eBook, The Confident Child, I explained the secrets to raising a child with unstoppable self-confidence and a powerful sense of self-esteem.
The crucial thing you must do to make sure that homework, play activities, and sporting activities all support your toddler's self-esteem. And in many ways, all this combines to make "The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide" the best solution available for you to quickly and easily stop those toddler tantrums.
And even imagine how other parents might respond when they see your toddler listening to your requests the first time you ask them to do something.
In The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, I reveal the most powerful secrets I have discovered that bring you fast results to stop those toddler tantrums.
When your friends and family give you casual advice about dealing with toddler tantrums, they typically don't know a thing about he type of tantrums you're dealing with.
We have seen this over and over with tv infomercials, where someone is selling a calcium pill, or some kind of snake oil, and they have claims of great success.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, if you've been getting advice from friends and families, and those not focused on how to help toddlers change their behavior. Less worry - your fears that something is wrong with your toddler, or something is wrong with you are banished forever.
More happiness - as the tantrums quickly fade away, you see that your toddler becomes happier, easier to get along with, and enjoys their life more. More ease with siblings or peers - often toddler tantrums evolve from your toddler not getting what they want in their relationship with their siblings or with peers. Better self-control - inevitably there are disappointments and frustrations in life, and it is remarkable to see how quickly your toddler learns to gain self-control when things don't go their way. Your mental space is free - it's hard to realize you might be 'dancing around' the toddler tantrums right now. Stress free outings - whether it's going to the grocery store, stopping by the bank, or off to the playground, you'll find that you feel more at ease and relaxed with the certainty that you don't have to deal with those toddler tantrums. Renewed faith in your toddler - when tantrums are out of control, it's hard not to worry about your toddler's future. Friends and family enjoy you and your toddler more - for some of you, those tantrums are a nightmare when you spend time with your family, or go to shared timed at a friend's house.

A better life - as your worries fade away, your toddler begins to cope better, and both your confidence and their confidence grows, there's little doubt that life is getting better. Learning and development improves - as your toddler is able to cope with normal challenges, you will become more and more comfortable giving them a few more challenges. Less hovering and hyper vigilance - when you're walking on eggshells, you're often constantly on guard for the upcoming tantrum. Increased self-confidence - within weeks of the tantrums disappearing, you will begin to see signs of your toddler's confidence growing. With every passing day, the tantrums become more ingrained in your child's personality and in their coping style. For others, those extreme tantrums have been going on for awhile, and there's no sign of the tantrums getting better.
I suspect that many of you are relieved that the tantrums haven't shown up so much at daycare, or maybe even preschool or kindergarten. However, it's critical to know that tantrums often begin to expand over time and show up more and more often in social settings where mom and dad are not involved. Without the gift of self-control, your child moves into the future believing that these temper tantrums will somehow serve them and help them.
By the way, when I say that I'm a straightforward get to the point kind of guy, I've got to be honest.
In fact, I see websites that seem to change by the day, as well as their claims of authority and their track record. I don't mention all of this to impress, but impress upon you the importance of seeking out sound advice from a professional with years of experience.
If you decide to invest in The Tantrum Fixer formula, you will find that it's a proven and tested solution that works.
Let's imagine you've spoken to your pediatrician, and then you've had to pay for a co-pay at the pediatrician's office. The bottom line is that The Tantrum Fixer is a small one-time investment of only $37, and this small investment includes a guaranteed result for you and your child.or you get your money back. Plus, if you are worried or concerned that it may not work for you, your investment is completely backed by my personal money back guarantee. Will delight in watching your toddler handle normal frustrations with ease and not have a ugly, screaming tantrum.
Won't ever have to go to searching for another article, book, forum, or have another talk with your pediatrician (or your therapist) about toddler tantrums.
I have seen the toddler who holds his breath until he turns white, and the preschooler who destroys everything in sight. The one critical attitude change you must make before this program or any tantrum related program will work. A simple step-by-step formula that you can learn in 45 minutes, and start turning things around today.
Exactly what you must stop doing today, and what you must start doing immediately- if you are to stop toddler tantrums. What to expect when you're on track for rapid change, and what signals tell you to make adjustments now.
Why old models of positive reinforcement must be changed to get on track for a lifetime of healthy living.
What you didn't know about ignoring behavior, and why it's a deadly error feeding the toddler tantrum. How to build and strengthen your toddler's esteem, so that they stay on track emotionally and developmentally.
Why you must stop reading the parenting forums, getting opinions from your grandmother or your mother, or listening to the 'free' information on the TV or radio (if you have a serious tantrum on your hands). Why most parents dealing with toddler tantrums never have to master The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, and why you do. The real reason why The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide works, and most other solutions do not work with more difficult and challenging toddler tantrums. With every passing day, the tantrums become more ingrained in your toddler's personality and in their coping style.
Without the gift of self-control, your toddler moves into the future believing that these toddler tantrums will somehow serve them and help them.
And then I found your website and The Stop Toddler Tantrums Program and followed your advice.
If you decide to invest in The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, you will find that it's a proven and tested solution that works. So what really makes this Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide different from everything else out there?
Secondly, The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide has a foundation based upon years of psychological training and clinical experience. I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy to end tantrums once and for all. Go click the ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW and start immediately discovering how you can stop toddler tantrums in 3 days flat. This six session Anger Management program originated from a commitment to helping children (from the ages of 2.5 and up) begin to build a foundation for understanding anger and incorporate strategies to deal with feelings of anger in their every day lives. The philosophy of the program recognizes that early awareness of anger and its management promote the likelihood that children will internalize calming techniques and increase conflict resolution skills. If he’s overwhelmed in school and then needs to come home and do more work, no wonder he’s crying! Others notice, and even offer advice, but the typical strategies don't even touch these tantrums. It's not because I have stolen some secret formula, but I did stumble upon a Tatnrum Fixer solution that seems to work almost every time. I am Dr Randy Cale, Licensed Psychologist and parenting expert (working with families for over 20 years now). Everyone in our office building now knew that Jacob was here, and that was just the warm up act.
His parents went from pleading for him to stop, to threatening to lock him in his room for a week. Most parents were seeking help because they had a toddler with behavioral problems, and they were desperate for a real answer--- tools that worked fast. I have seen the seasoned 2nd grader who has everyone dancing around the fear of another violent tantrum, and the twins who took turns tantrumming one after the other. I really did my best to learn everything I could about human behavior, toddler behavior, and how to turn things around quickly. This was the hidden lesson I stumbled upon that opened my eyes to a completely new way of seeing the change process. Yet, what this ended up promoting was that everyone 'should dance' around their toddler's toddler tantrums. For you today, it is critical that you make note: your fear or desire to avoid the tantrum is at the core of why those ugly tantrums get worse. Now rather than months, it only took a few weeks for me to teach them The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide. I would start getting phone calls from parents who lived in California, or Richmond, or even Alaska. Because I've been able to package and offer my course online, parents have been able to instantly access this proven solution right from the privacy and comfort of their computer.
In addition, you will not have to waste your money and your time talking to doctors and therapists, who often use out-dated approaches (similar to the ones I used early on) that simply don't work, and often make things worse. When parents come to me with a tantruming toddler, they typically consult with me for four to six sessions.
But the bottom line is, that the same information that I give to them is contained in The Stop Toddler Tantrums step-by-step guide. You can call my office and invest in six sessions of parent coaching for $1,200, or you can invest in The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide and get started today! This information is closely aligned with the information in the guide book, it simply serves as an alternative learning tool to help you master this information. You can download to your Ipod, your computer, or burn the mp3 to a CD and play it in your car. Many of these questions arose from parents who were struggling with the most difficult and challenging situations. If you do, then I'd recommend that you go through The Ultimate Trouble Shooter MP3 to clarify any questions. This is a group of over 32 articles, and provide you with the strong foundation for how to respond to a wide variety of situations.

When you see signs that your child is lacking confidence, it is natural to have many worries about how they will stand up to bullies, how they will assert themselves on the playground or the classroom, and whether they will find satisfaction and happiness in doing their best. In other words, when we lack confidence, we give up more easily because we don't believe we can do it.
With a few simple changes, you'll be able to ensure that your child grows up strong, confident, and secure. For some folks, you may have missed some the details early on, where I explained my background in history.
When you see how quickly your toddler learns from a change in your behavior, it is not only a relief to see those tantrums disappear, but you realize that you have the power to shape and influence many of your toddler's choices over the years ahead.
It's hard to appreciate how much of your life is driven by dramatic, over reactive moments with your toddler. With The Stop Toddler Tantrums formula, you quickly see that your toddler's relationships with others are dramatically improved as the tantrums disappear.
With The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, the tantrums fade away so quickly that your faith in your toddler's ability to learn and grow is dramatically restored. One of the most reassuring experiences you may have is when a family member, or even a friend, remarks about the dramatic changes that they see in your toddler.
This is one of the most consistent messages I hear from parents who are relieved with the magic of The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide. You might ask them to help out around the house, or give them additional autonomy in finishing their homework, or simply allow them to problem solve the situation with their sibling. This is because their mind is not longer stuck on the drama and the reactions that often bog them down. In fact, they seem to more and more sensitive to disappointment and frustration, and often immediately choose the tantrum as a resort to try to get it their way.
As you can imagine, this is a huge problem as many teachers are ill prepared to handle these tantrums well. But it doesn't change the fact that it's your job to master your parenting in a way where you can give your child the gift of self-control.
It's particularly good to add a tool that is remarkably powerful, and demonstrates to you how much influence you will have over your child's future. As I mentioned previously, over 4,717 copies have been sold online as I write this article.
Over the years, I have received dozens and dozens of emails from parents who have found success with The Tantrum Fixer. My son would not get dressed, he wouldn't leave the house or the car, and I was always late.
Whether you choose to listen to audio version, or read the PDF eBook, you'll find that my style is a no BS, get straight to the point and let's get it done approach. Within an hour from now, you can begin to make the changes in your home that will get rid of those temper tantrums.
If you search my name, you will literally find hundreds of thousands of references to me on the internet.
You'll also find that I stand behind it 100% with an absolute, money back no risk guarantee. First, it very unlikely that they will have the experience and expertise to solve this problem in the same simple and straightforward way as The Tantrum Fixer. I don't know about you, but for most parents, they report that the greater self-control and seeing their child's happiness is priceless.
Every passing day your toddler is still throwing temper tantrums, the harder it becomes to get rid of those toddler tantrums in the future. Perhaps you even fear that there is no hope for immediate relief, and your worries keep you up at night.
I have written hundreds of articles for parents, and have been interviewed on NBC, CBS, The Morning Show and others.
He had come for an evaluation, had 8 diagnostic labels on him already and was causing quite a nightmare for parents and teachers. I've seen tantrums that blossom into immediate meltdowns, and those that just gradually get worse over time. These parents would have picked up an article, and read about The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, and wondered if I could work with them.
And imagine how much peace you'll feel as you go to the grocery store, or to the playground and don't have to worry about those tantrums.
A placebo is simply a group of the test subjects who received 'the sugar pill.' The real subjects get the real medicine or drug.
However, when the 'Stop Toddler Tantrums' eliminates those moments, you notice a dramatic difference as the drama disappears.
Your confidence and belief in their ability to cope and to handle their life expands on almost a daily basis. Just imagine how ease for your home will be when you no longer have to be constantly worried about those awful toddler tantrums. Instead, as they cope and respond in healthier ways, it is inevitable that their self-concept and their self-esteem blossoms.
But many of you are seeing more than an occasional tantrum, and we see those tantrums they are often crazy, off the wall screaming, feet stomping, and out of control tantrums. Instead, the tantrums will set them apart from their peers, and make them socially immature, over reactive crybabies, and at worst tantruming bullies. In all those years, in working with hundreds and hundreds of families, The Tantrum Fixer formula has worked every single time. Perhaps the most satisfying emails are those parents who follow up 16-18 months later, and are asking for additional help and wondering if other parenting products are available.
Over and over again, I get emails from my customers who are surprised and shocked about how quickly The Tantrum Fixer formula works. You'll be able to find hundreds of tv interviews if you search You Tube, as I'm often sought out as a parenting expert.
I certainly hope you value your own time, and the energy that you've invested in reading and studying what to do. Secondly, you will pay hundreds of dollars more for many sessions of work with the therapist compared to The Tantrum Fixer. I have also created several dozen specific step-by-step parenting solutions for common behavioral problems. I've seen the toddler who wants to negotiate about everything, and if they don't get what they want--- they tantrum. At times, I was just plain nervous because I would see that the old tools I had been given weren't working. In almost every study that's done, you can give people a sugar pill, and a portion of them will get cured.
This explosion of self-confidence is a major stepping stone towards life success and happiness.
If you don't believe me, just watch the video testimonials from several of my customers who were willing to get on camera and tell you about their results.
I've seen little girls who turn into nightmares, and little boys who become destruction machines. More importantly, think about the time that you've spent trying to fix and solve and prevent temper tantrums.
Or take the whole year.if it doesn't work for you, simple let me know and you'll get your money back. My 15 yr old step son has been home schooled as well as my now 17 yr old step son who was 16 when he was fully enrolled in college. I studied all different types of short-term therapies, cognitive behavioral strategies, neurolinguistic programming, and even hypnosis and thought field therapy, as well as numerous others. When you add all of that up, even if you give yourself a value of $15 per hour, and we multiple that by hundreds of hours.we see that you've already invested several thousand dollars or your time in trying to fix these temper tantrums.
Just simply whip off an email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it). When you know exactly what you need to do in the midst of a tantrum, it brings a certain comfort and ease that makes it simple to follow The Tantrum Fixer formula).

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