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The tips and activities provided in this article will help or encourage parents teaching their child to read and write.
We will be out of town on Thursday, so Big Brother went to work with his Daddy this past Friday afternoon. The organization Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work® recommends this event for ages 8-18, but I think younger children can participate with some modifications. If you have a child who is younger than 8, continue taking your child for only half the day or even a couple hours. Big Brother enjoying some ice cream with the residents at the Nursing Home (faces have been blurred). I would recommend sending some quiet activities, such as coloring books, stickers, and even busy bags, with your child for those moments that the mother or father actually need to get something done at work!
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But that doesn’t mean that we need to entertain them for 8 hours of everyday and base everything in our lives around their needs, wants, and desires. The truth of the matter is, the world doesn’t really revolve around us or our children. What are some tangible ways that we can help our children be thoughtful of others, even while living in an indulgent society??? I remember when Lydia was little and she’d ask me to fast-forward songs on the CD player to get to her favorite.
Actually 100 years ago many families were two income families with the exception of the very rich. Neysa, I think it is very brave of you to reevaluate your situation and take your child’s well-being into account. There is a huge difference between your children being the center of your world than assuming your children are the center of the world. I’ve read research that shows non-tv viewing families report higher amounts of activity, satisfaction, and fulfillment.
Two simple things that we are trying to do regularly are a) discuss what we are grateful for and b) specifically pray for the needs of others during our family prayers.
I’ve worked with young children from an early age in the public school system and have seen the gamut of parenting skills.
I completely agree…we need to be on our knees DAILY as parents, asking God for guidance. Jeanie, I’ve just began following you so I would have not basic of knowing who you really are and certain have no right to criticize. When married couple and freelance designers Emma and Brandon Peat had their first child, they wanted a fun way to teach their newborn the alphabet. By taking their favorite film franchisea€”Star Warsa€”they have recreated the entire alphabet list featuring characters from the original Star Wars trilogya€”with each alphabet representing a different character. Called a€?A is for Ackbara€™, the entire list was a collaboration between the married couplea€”with Mr. So last week we looked at the final few phonemes from Set 1, there are 44 basics phonemes in total and once your child knows those (or has them in their phonic repertoire) you can start to introduce the written form. Readiness will vary from child to child, just keep an eye out for an interest in seeing you write – and make sure you actually do write in front of them (and no, using your phone or laptop does not count!!). Graphemes (the visual representation of a sound) are always shown in lower case so if you have been teaching capitals STOP right now! As their interest grows you could get them to pick 3 letters- you then sound it out – does that sound like a word? Now the next couple of activities are not phonics related at all but I am throwing them out there as a means to get your child ready for writing.
Getting your children to put the coloured pegs into the holes will help strengthen their fingers and this in turn will help in future when they come to hold a pencil. I am so glad you asked this and I think I may write about it next week for others wondering the same! We had a counting phase here too and I am totally with you on the capital letter and toys issue! Hopefully I’m going to be prepared for when N starts properly doing phonics at school with this series.
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If you wish to share any posts or photographs from this site on your blog or website, you may use one picture with a link to the original post. After all, it is our responsibility for ensuring they are happy, smart, and well-adjusted with a room full of toys at 2, a car at age 16, and fully-paid college tuition at 18.
Pouring ourselves out for our kids is the first step (at least for me) of overcoming my selfish nature. My hubby and I were just talking about this same thing as we were returning from a mission trip this last week. I find many parents neglect their children emotionally because parents of this generation believe the world revolves around them, not their children. For poor women there was no choice to stay at home with their children since they needed money. Your post just came at a time when my husband and I have decided to take a step back and re-evaluate our roles as slaves for a 1 and 3yr old, lol.
Just about everything I do, I do for the betterment of my children (my personal and public children). Teach them the way to treat others, by our examples of selfless service to each other in our family.
Parenting is a fine balance between supporting and encouraging our children, giving them opportunities to grow and develop while ensuring they don’t become self-centered. I think these two things help young children to recognize their blessings and see the needs of others. I’ve seen parents who totally ignore their children for their own pleasure to those who over indulge their children and they are spoiled brats.
I must really need to hear this because that is what out bible study was on at church yesterday morning!
Weird words are often called alien words in schools- they tell the children that they are not a real word but also show them that nothing is incorrect, that we just don’t use it in our language. Once they are recognising letters you can point to a word and ask them if they know what it begins with. Getting them to pinch the pegs, maybe use them to pick up little objects, will help with their grip and again, help with their finger muscles! Many bilingual parents think that if they stop talking their mother tongue this will help but actually it does so much damage. I was beginning to get myself in a bit of a flap trying to help Bubs but after watching your vid I’m feeling much more confident.
Pregnancy & ParentingMay 02, 2012015 Early Signs And Symptoms Of PregnancyThe most joyful and exciting news that you can get is that you are pregnant. But oh, I don’t want to turn them into little coddled kids who can’t do anything by themselves! But I think God wants us to go a step forward…by pouring our lives out for others as well, something I pretty much stink at.
They go out, spend money they don’t have all while their children are home with a babysitter.
However the children weren’t being babysat or in daycare instead they were being put to work as well. I do try to make sure I let them know when I need time to do thi gs aroud the house or talk to my husband. I basically taught him that everything belong to him and if he asks, then he should expect to get it. I’ve tried to reinforce this particularly at times when she needs to share or when she needs to not interrupt some work I may be needing to accomplish whether it’s washing dishes or cleaning a toilet! It’s just the beginning, but it creates the right mindset and is age appropriate for young kids. At conferences I will tell them how well behaved their child is in the room and they actually ask me if we are talking about the same child. But I also think it is important to recognize that God expects us to teach our children how to care for others, and the best way we can do that is SHOW them and be the example.
While I have lofty ideas about how I can (and should) help the world, my 2.5 yo is still at a place where things have to be tangible to really sink in with him. I am not saying they need to learn how to write it at this point but you can introduce the written form and say the sounds within their name.
You can then pick out 3 sounds such as c-a-t and sound it out- does that sound like a word you know?
With a love of all things pretty, you'll find posts about fashion, food and home- she also hopes to inspire others to make the best out of every day. Children have extraordinary brains and are able to translate things in their heads so much quicker than adults. Oliver loves his magnetic letter but the pound land ones are rubbish, I need to order some better ones!

If he watched 5 hours of TV there would only be four hours during the day that wouldn’t be spent sleeping or watching TV! I have fun for myself which isn’t for my kids, but keeps me from becoming a pent up maniac.
Pointing out to them their inherently good qualities, while praising their hard work and choices when over coming a difficult obstacle. She has seemed to understand in a more general way what it means, and mostly I think using Biblical language to define our sinful struggles and to correct them Biblically is teaching big truths that will bear fruit in the future, Lord willing.
But, you are exactly right…EVERY PARENT needs to seek wisdom first and foremost from God! And I feel it’s easy to get wrapped up in each other and ourselves over the summer months because it is naturally a time to relax and do whatever we want! This week I am not doing a Periscope as I am not going to move onto the next set of sounds just yet.
Now, obviously names do have a capital and I have found the best approach to be honesty- just say that names are important so they have a capital letter.
Again, following on from last week and talking about rhyme, if you are reading a rhyming book you can emphasise the initial rhyme and then ask them what they think the second rhyming word might be. My advice would be to use both German and English interchangeably, be open and honest about the different sounds, maybe make a game out if it, if English is this then German is that. However we’re only the other end and he gets about an hour a week, which even that makes me feel really guilty and like a horrible parent. I have to remind myself that my priority is first and foremost love and serving the Lord, then my husband then my children. And neither of my children are monsters, although my son’s very active imagination gets him into trouble.
Our son is only three, but we are trying to ensure that he has an understanding of needs of others. It is baby steps now, but I hope it will build the foundation for a life that looks outward instead of inward. I am however, in the middle of making a video of all of the first 44 sounds I have already shown you. Many sounds will be similar anyway and just don’t mention the letter names themselves as obviously they are called different things entirely. That only drops to 4 hours for school age children who are, for the most part, out of the home another 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
We are trying to encourage him to do little things such as picking a toy to donate when he receives a new one, cooking his favorite bread or dessert, and serving it to others and just taking enjoyment in the happiness of others. Add video games and the fact that I see more and more parents buying very young ones… very expensive hand held video game systems, and the face to face time diminishes even more.
I see it all the time when conferencing with parents with child present or even watching the interactions with younger siblings during the conferences. And a key difference between the farm days and the days now, is there are a lot more families where there are two parents working.
There is a lot of damage being done when kids are made to believe the world revolves around them, because it absolutely DOES NOT.
Some of these seem like common sense, but so often we see children who have difficulty with thinking of others at all.
People have children and expect the rest of the world to raise them all so they can go to happy hour after pulling a ten hour day at a job. A lot more stress coming in from outside sources, and a lot of people are just ill equipped to deal with stress and wind up taking it home with them. Hopefully with God’s guidance we will raise a son who is able to have a compassionate and giving heart despite all of societies cues. Parents are the self-entitled ones creating monsters out of guilt and not wanting to take the time to raise their children.
If I pamper them now, let them get their way a majority of the time, not set up rules and guidelines and expect them to follow, never allow them to experience defeat or rejection or push them to their max at times how will they know how to do this when they are own their own. If they know the guidelines and choose to make poor choices they must deal with the consequences.
I love reading blogs where parents are including them in cooking, giving them age appropriate chores and setting guidelines.

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